Up the Wow Factor of Your Decor with Herringbone Wood Floors

Wood parquet floors have been around since the 17th century.  Their popularity in home décor has ebbed and waned somewhat over the years but today, a variety of factors have combined to make parquet floors a very exciting option.  Carlisle has created two unique collections to capture the beauty and craftsmanship of this iconic flooring style.

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Cutting Through the Mystery of Plain, Rift & Quartersawn Flooring

Like any business, wood flooring uses industry descriptors that not everyone clearly understands, like the difference between plain, quarter and rift sawn wood, and specifically white oak.

So let’s try to cut through the mystery and give you a new angle of perspective on what these terms refer to as it relates to flooring.

While you might easily infer that they involve sawing the wood, the key is in the angle of the saw to the log. And you’ll be surprised at what a difference that angle makes in the grain appearance.

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5 Essential Furniture Pieces to Set the Foundation for Your Home

When you are planning for your dream home, we know the decision to install wide plank floors in your space will play an important role in laying the foundation for your interior design - but that isn't the only decision you have to make. 

To help turn your dream home into a reality, you need to plan and purchase the right furniture as well.  This decision can complement the foundation of your interior design, to create a classic look that you can build on as seasons, style or interior decor changes.  Plus create definitive pieces that can that grow with you or go with if you ever move. 

Despite the abundance of furniture pieces available today, there are really five essential types of furniture you should invest in to get started. 

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3 Flooring Styles for a Modern Look

Wide plank floors and modern interior design go hand in hand.

But, that was not always the case.  For a time wide plank floors were synonymous with phrases like "rustic" and "country" and "pine".  Carlisle has reformed all those "non-believers" with a stunning showcase of wide plank floor designs that are perfect for today's modern home.

Today, we'll highlight three of our most popular styles to lend some inspiration to your next modern interior. 

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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space for Summer

Summer is just a few weeks away, but you've probably spent the last few weeks focused on the interior of your home - cleaning your hardwood floors, spring cleaning of closets and mudrooms, packing away of skis and snowshoes, getting out bicycles and hiking boots.

But, if you have any kind of exterior space to work with, get it ready for summer and create that backyard oasis you have always wanted.  It is time to enjoy the outside of your home as much as you enjoy the inside of your home.

Today, we'll show you some simple, yet impactful, updates to consider.

Solana Beach, California Home Featuring Carlisle Reclaimed Heart Pine Floors

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