A Wood Floor For Any Interior Design: Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century, inspired an architectural style that remains popular today, inspiring other sought after designs like Craftsman and Bungalow.

From southern California Bungalow's of the Greene Brothers, to the Chicago suburbs, Arts & Crafts homes highlight hand-made craftsmanship as a form of protest to the Industrial age.

Learn more about the Arts & Crafts home and the wood flooring designs that fit in so well with this iconic architectural style.

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A Wood Floor For Any Interior Design: Art Déco

Wide plank wood floors go with any style home.

From plush Beverly Hills mansions to rustic seaside bungalos in the Florida Key's, we've seen it all, and designed wood floors for it all too. Today, we're starting a new series on our blog that will show you just how versatile our floors are, and show you examples of wood floor designs for the most popular interior styles.

We'll start with a unique interior design style Art Deco, which stands for "Arts Décoratifs".

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Beach Style Decor You Can Enjoy All Year Long

If you’ve been traveling to your favorite waterfront destination this summer you might have fallen in love with the relaxed style, iconic accents, or quintessential design.

Returning home doesn’t mean you have to let go of the design you like, rather look at it as an opportunity to redecorate and bring a little bit of your vacation haven to your year round home.

Today, we’ll look at a few ways to incorporate that waterfront summer style at home.

Seventh Heaven, White Oak Flooring, Casual Collection

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Performance Expectations for Wide Plank Floors Through the Seasons

Ahhh summer… it brings months of sun, fun, unlimited outdoor activities AND plenty of heat and humidity. 

For some areas, like California, Florida or Texas, the heat and humidity are nothing new, lasting most of the year.  But if you live in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and other areas with “four seasons”, the heat and humidity can be quite a change from the sub-zero temperatures and three feet of snow.  In fact, one of the most comment questions we hear is “how will my wide plank floors perform with such seasonal variation”. 

Today, we will review this common question, and help you understand why Carlisle wide plank floors are more stable in both year round humidity, dry environments, and those with seasonal changes.  We can also help you understand how to set your flooring up for success, and how to set the right expectations from season to season.

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Protect Your Home With Modern Technology

You've spent hours, days and months planning for your custom home. You've selected the perfect design with cabinets, wood floors and home decor, and settled in to your humble abode. 

Now, it is time to give some thought to how you can protect your investment.  Modern technology makes it so easy to protect your home whether you are curled up in bed, or on a family vacation.

Today, find out how the Internet of Things has created new technologies to help make your home more safe and secure, all at the touch of button.

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