4 Things You Must Know Before You Buy an Engineered Wood Floor

There are many reasons that you may be searching for a wide plank engineered floor for your upcoming project – cost, ease of installation, stability.  While much of this is true, not all engineered flooring is designed and crafted to meet the same standards.

But, many people do not know what those standards are but they do know that they want their floor to: 

  • Be more beautiful
  • Be of the highest quality
  • Be more stable
  • Provide enhanced performance in your environment
  • Last a long time
  • Be easy to maintain

We’ll review four of the most important design elements to engineered wood flooring so you can you look below the surface of pretty flooring samples.  Instead, you want to consider the intrinsic differences that will help you find the highest quality engineered floor.  We’ll also provide you with some shopping tools and tips to help you along the way.

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4 Ways You Can Use Your Tablet to Design and Decorate Your Home

In this age of mobile technology, almost any task can be accomplished or at least be made easier through a handheld device.

Although smartphones can do a lot, tablet technology is sophisticated and versatile enough to where it can almost replace a laptop or desktop computer. When it comes to a home upgrade, whether it be major renovations or a simple decor change, you can use your tablet to get the job done. Check out these useful tools next time you have a home project.

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6 Interior Design Tricks That Will Maximize Your Space

Interior designers often seem like magicians that can transform a small space into an airy and open oasis. They employ tricks that will open up a space and utilize all of its square footage potential. This is achieved through thoughtful curation of furniture placement, color scheme, space management and decor that provides optical illusions.

As you style your home, make sure you know the basics of interior design, so your rooms don’t feel dark or cluttered. Here are five tips that will help you maximize your space and create rooms that are both beautiful and functional:

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Renovation & Revitalization: Stress-Free Ways to Update Your Home

Dreaming of your perfect house begins with a not-so-perfect process. From budgeting and planning, to dealing with rooms in partial-working order, home renovations can wreak havoc on your daily routine. Ensure the hard work isn’t all for naught by focusing on upgrades that promise long-term peace of mind.

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3 Reasons to Look at a Wide Plank Vinyl Floor Today

Wide plank flooring is a common design term in the industry.  Its origin stems from original wide plank pine flooring, first installed along the Eastern Seaboard hundreds of years ago.  Since then, style preferences, design trends and manufacturing capabilities have come a long way. 

Today, homeowners, designers, architects and construction professionals are looking for new ways to create the look of a wide plank floor.  Sometimes this is driven by a need to identify a more economical solution, to meet the needs of a particular installation environment or to serve the commercial market. 

Wide plank vinyl flooring delivers the trifecta of customer satisfaction – affordability, unique designs and high-quality construction, both inside and out. 

Narragansett, Versallia Collection

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