Make the Most of Smaller Spaces with Larger Planks

Wide plank flooring has been around for a while...and when we say "a while" we mean hundreds of years.  What began out of necessity and function, has evolved into a "must have" for interior fashion and a timeless iconic decor element.

Its popularity has never wained and the number of available styles have exploded through the years.  Through some of this evolution, one of the design elements so often overlooked, unfortunately, is plank width - to a detriment of wood floors everywhere; this is one of the single most important design elements to any wood floor.  Today, we will take a look at the transformative effect that wide plank floors have and how the right seletion can make, or break, your entire design. 

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How to Choose Between Prefinished or Site Finished Wood Floors

One of the most important decisions, regarding your new wood floor, is choosing between getting it prefinished or finished on-site.

Each choice has its pros and cons, from easier stain matching to significant time and cost savings. And while each has its proponents, Carlisle’s unique approach has made prefinished wood flooring the preferred choice.  Before you decide, explore the differences and select the one that aligns with your priorities.

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8 Design Considerations for the Best Breakfast Nook

Over the years the kitchen has transformed to suit the modern lifestyle.  As part of that transformation kitchens are no longer just the hub for food preparation.  Some kitchens are designed to be eat-in with a full dining room, others incorporate the breakfast bar, but another option now is now the “breakfast nook”.

Despite the name, breakfast “nook”, which might imply limited size, these comfortable eat-in areas of the kitchen come in all shapes, styles, and sizes.  Today we will look some great examples of the breakfast nook and highlight some key design elements to consider.

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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice for Your Fall Home Décor

Depending on where you are located, fall has officially rolled in, complete with fall foliage reaching full bloom, and brisk morning temperatures.

As things get cool and colorful outside your home, what are you doing to bring some warmth and seasonal changes to the inside your home?

Today, we’ll look at some fun ways to dress up your décor to go along with the fall season.

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2 Ways to Create a Dark Wood Floor

Dark wood flooring is a very popular look for interior designs today.  We hesitate to use the word “trend” with this look, because that implies that this look transitions in and out of style.  The truth is that dark wood flooring harkens back to an age of the original pine floors when people would stain their boards with tobacco soaked in turpentine.   Considerable advancement has been made since then to produce wood floor stains that are still authentic, beautiful, and much more environmentally friendly.

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