6 Ways to Give Your Wood Floor a Little Character

Wood floors make a stunning addition to any home, apartment or commecial space, with modern conveniences like prefnishing wood flooring, which make it easier than ever to update your look in a fraction of the time. 

Installing or refinishing wood flooring is a major step toward beautifying your space and you can choose from a variety of styles to create just the right look.  The durability of wood flooring means you can install them in just about any room, including kitchens and bathrooms - two of the most common areas to renovate today - so you aren't limited to keeping wood floors in just certain rooms, you can extend maintain an consistent look throughout multiple rooms. 

No matter what style floor you want, or what room you want to install it in, most clients today want an authentic look, they don't want a wood floor that is, or looks mass produced. You can do this by giving your floor a little more "character" and today, we'll show you six ways to do just that with styles that will work for modern or rustic decors. 

1. Wide Plank Flooring

One of the best ways you can update your home is with wide plank flooring. It's a little more special than traditional wood floors because it adds a stateliness that works well with all kinds of home décor styles.

You can choose from well known styles like White Oak or Hickory, or choose something a little less mainstream like Wide Plank Ash or Birch.

Using a wide plank board is very unique, it makes the space feel bigger which works great with small spaces, and matches the scale of larger rooms.  And depending on the overall look you are trying to create, you can design a floor that is either more rustic and casual or more stately and sophisticated.

2. Random Width Flooring

Not only do most clients today design their floor in wider boards, some also choose to use wide random widths, versus a standard single width which you find in most conventional flooring today which is mass produced in widths such as 2 1/4", 3" or 5" wide.  If you though that all one width was your only option, think again.  Custom floor crafters, like Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, offer clients the possibility of creating a wood floor design in random widths such as this White Oak floor for a private client of Boston-based Butz & Klug Architects.  The client, for whom this floor was designer, was heavily inspired by his and her Belgium origins, where they resided before relocating to the East Coast. 

Random width flooring is an easily distinguishable characteristic that will give people pause to consider the craftsmanship of creating a floor and laying boards of varying widths.  It takes some careful forethought, but execution is quite easy and the look is completely breathtaking.

3. Dark Wood Flooring

Many people opt for light wood in their homes. While this is a great option because of its versatility, dark wood wide plank floors are a wonderful, and equally timeless style that can add an instant sense of allure and richness to a room. Consider a bright kitchen with white cabinets and a dark, walnut floor - the contrast helps the room feel larger and also boasts of wonderful design taste. 

Carlisle Walnut Floors South Carolina

If you are interested in dark wood flooring you do not have to feel limited to light cabinets, a dark wood floor design works equally well even if a darker contrast is desired, such as this kitchen designed by Michael Nash Design Build & Homes.

Carlisle Walnut Flooring and Michael Nash Kitchen Design

4. Rustic Wood Flooring

Rustic wood flooring is one of the common design styles that come to mind when someone thinks of 'character' in their wood floor because that term can take on many meanings.  Some clients  may be envisioning the rich, amber knots of a freshly milled pine flooring plank.  For them, the knots and wide boards, and softer appearance of pine flooring creates enough rusticity for their space. 

But there are other clients who envision something even more rustic, like an antique floor or reclaimed wood floor, where the unpredictability helps create the rustic drama within the floor.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

5. Distressed Wood

Another popular trend is to create a "distressed" look on different types of wood. Pine flooring is easily susceptible to distressed marketings which can be applied while your floor is being made, and definitely inprinted as you live on the floor, after installation. 

Distressed Wood Flooring & Pine Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Painting and sanding the flooring is also another way to give a new floor a new look, giving the illusion of wood having gone through centuries of use.

Pine Flooring & Distressed Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

A third method of creating a distressed wood floor is to actually select a custom distressing technique. This very popular with hardwood flooring which really won't acquire character over time. This home in Shanty Bay, Ontario, used Carlisle's Footworn Surface to distress a custom wide plank Hickory floor so it blended in with the overall character and style of the space.

Hickory Flooring & Distressed Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Think of it as taking a brand new wood floor and adding imperfections that actually make it perfect!

6. Patterned Floors

Another way of adding extra character to your wood floors is by choosing a parquet pattern. Carlisle Floors offers parquet in a variety of woods and patterns, such as Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles. These help to make a room come together and feel more finished, while also speaking to your unique tastes and design sensibilities.

Herringbone Wood Floors & Reclaimed Wood Floors from carlisle Wide Plank Floors

You can also work with us to create a design that is uniquely your own, including room borders and dramatic focal points. Patterned floors come in many different colors and varieties, including dark wood flooring, wide plank, antique, and prefinished oak. It's a great way to add authenticity and distinctiveness to a room in your home.

Are you interested in updating the look and feel of your home? If so, Carlisle Floors can help! We're happy to work with you on custom projects and help you achieve exactly the look and feel you want in order to give your home a little extra character. Take a look at our buyers' guide and contact us today!

Carlisle Wood Floor Buyers Guide

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