A new look “drifts” into Carlisle’s NH Showroom

The term "Driftwood" has been heard throughout the design community for many years now, and conures up images of the weathered grey appearance that is the hallmark of ocean front homes, wood remnants found along the beach, lobster trasps and the like.  Today, design professionals want to replicatae this look for their clients, but who wants to wait for years to do this?

The expert finishers at Carlisle created a perfect treatment to achieve the driftwood look on 10-15" Wide Red Oak Planks installed in our New Hampshire showroom. 

If you are trying to recreate this look in your home, here are some tips to provide a little guidance:

1) Traditional stains are not the solution because they are too heavily pigmented and can make the floor look painted. 

2) To achieve a true driftwood color you want to change the structue of the cells in the wood itself so it looks very natural. 

3) Companies like Woca or Rubio Monocoat offer treatments that can help you achieve this Driftwood tone with wood treatment and oils

4) To add to the old feel of the wood you can recreate the ridges that appear the surface of the wood after years of weathering.  This can be done quite authentically with a custom Brushed Surface

5) Avoid shiny finishes when trying to achieve a driftwood look, go for very matte finishes that will complement the weathered feel. Carlisle's Clear Satin or Antique Matte finish is the best way to go. 

Check out these great photos to see how it came out in our new showroom!







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