Artek Hardwoods Creates Custom Pattern for Customer

At Carlisle we work with some amazing craftsman - our very own craftsman who build every floors in New Hampshire, and those we work with outside Carlisle who install the floors.  No doubt that every floor is special and beautiful, but sometimes you run across a project or a flooring photo that takes your breath away and is really unique.  This wood flooring can be anything from reclaimed flooring to oak flooring.

Several of those "wow" photos came across our emails today from Dan Vincenzo or Artek Hardwoods in Windsor, CT. 

Dan has installed our floors for a number of years and as a Preferred Installer we won't hesitate to refer him to a new customer or a customer needing some TLC to repair a project, whther it includes reclaimed flooring, pine wood floors or hardwood floors.  When you see these you can see why!

Dan worked with his client to develop this customer pattern for her Living Room.  The floor includes HIckory and Quartersawn White Oak with custom finishes throughout.  Dan even added a hand-scraped edge to the planks to give it more of a worn look.  Looking for a floor for your home, call 800-595-9663.  If you are looking for a great installer you can reach Dan at  860-878-

INSTALLER: Dan Vincenzo, Artek Hardwood, or at 860-878-8511.



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