Barrineau Residence ~ Beautiful Heart Pine Floors from a DIY

Thanks to Kristin Barrineau for posting on our new Facebook page about her new Long Leaf Heart Pine Floors that she installed in her home.   After we saw her post she sent us some pictures of her floors. 

Kristin and her husband worked with Wide Plank Specialist, Lynne Rafuse, to design some beautiful Long Leaf Heart PIne flooring for their home.   They were going for a rustic cabin look and Kristin said that the Heart Pine floors were a perfect fit.  Since Heart Pine is naturally a light floor, she worked with Lynne to select our Gingerbread stain, which, when applied, would give the floor an older, and aged look.  

Kristin also reports that this project was a succesful DIY project!  Believe it or not about 25% of all Carlisle floors are installed by a Do-It-Yourself customer!

Heart Pine Floors are a great fit a busy home, they are the hardest of Pine floors, so it makes them durable for busy homes!  They can be stained almost any color so clients can create just about any look.  Heart Pine is also a great fit for restoration projects in historic homes.















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