Customers love our Carlisle Master Craftsman Installers!

We received a few friendly emails from Karen this month raving about the Carlisle Master Craftsman that was working on their project.  Their Wide Plank Specialist, Lynne Rafuse had helped the Karen and her husband Bill find wide plank Hickory hardwood flooring for their home.  Since they did not want to install the floors and chose not to order prefinished hardwood flooring, having a professional flooring installer would make the entire project go smoothly. 

So Lynne introduced them to Erich Ahnert of Ahnert Carpentry & Floors.  They were thrilled to meet “another friendly face” from New Hampshire, but even more excited to have an installer, with 10 years experience, installing Carlisle wide plank hardwood flooring on their home.  Erich was able to complete the wood flooring installation and finish it on site using our High Resin Tung Oil.   As Karen wrote in her email “I didn’t think I could love them any more until they had put the oil on it but now I do.”

Karen write to us that “We want to adopt Erich!”  While he isn’t up for adoption, I’m sure his wife and 2 sons would miss him dearly, he is available for wood flooring installations all over the Northeast.  You can contact him at or at 603-313-6999. 

For more information about Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring, request a free brochure today!  And if you need an installer for your Carlisle floor speak to a Wide Plank Specialist at 800.595.9663.

read the emails below:

From: xxx
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 10:11 PM
To: Lynne Rafuse
Subject: Our Hickory Floors

Hi Lynne,
Erich has been at our house for two days and so far he has done a wonderful job, and we have enjoyed spending time with him.  He has to stay down here instead of traveling back and forth to New Hampshire.  Lucky us!  Thank you for giving us the right contact, another friendly face from New Hampshire.  I really can't wait to have them finished.  My husband is having fun picking out boards in certain places.  I love to have something different and this floor fits the bill.  My builder said he won't let his wife near my house, he is afraid she will want to redo her whole house!  I think I will invite her for dinner after it is completed. 

Thank you very much,
Karen Galanti

From: xxx
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 5:00 PM
To: Lynne Rafuse
Subject: First two coats

Hi Lynne,
We want to adopt Erich!  The first two coats are on, we didn’t sleep at home for fear that the fumes may do something to our old lab, so off to grandma’s we went.  The floors get better by the minute.  We are going to do all the last minute details and then have the last two coats put on so that if there are any marks on the flooring we will be able to rectify them!  I didn’t think I could love them any more than I do until they had their oil put on, WOW again!  Thank you, will let you know how the finish product came out!  I hope to enjoy them for many years to come!
Thanks again,
Karen and Billy

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