Designing with Wide Plank Floors ~ 5 Steps to Help you design the perfect wood floor!

Here at Carlisle we work with homeowners all over the country to turn their dream flooring into a reality!  But selecting the right options can seem overwhelming.  But we can make it easy to narrow down your choice in just 5 simple steps!

Get started now!  Just answer these 5 Simple Questions below and get some reccomendations along the way.

1. How will I live on my floor and how do I want my floors to wear?

A. I like dings and dents, and acquiring a centuries old look
Recommendation:  Consider Eastern White Pine floors, Long Leaf Heart Pine, or a Reclaimed wood floor  like Milled Barnwood.

B. I prefer a smooth, clean look that will show very little wear.
Recommendation:  Consider a hardwood floor like oak wood floors , maple wood floors, and Hickory.  These resilient flooring styles are as versatile as they are beautiful.




2. Do I like to see knots and character in the wood?

A. I like to see knots in the boards to give the floor more character.
Recommendation:  Carlisle’s most popular flooring styles is Signature Grade, available in all Pine wood floors and Hardwood Floors .  This proprietary grade combines boards from the upper and lower portion of the log to give the floor a perfect balance of character like knots.

B. I am not a fan of knots a smooth, clean look that will show very little wear.
Recommendation:  Consider a hardwood floor like oak wood floors, maple hardwood flooring , and Hickory.  These resilient flooring styles are as versatile as they are beautiful.

C. I want as much character as possible!
Recommendation:  Consider a reclaimed wood floors or antique wood floor.  These floors are crafted from material that is over 100 years old and every imperfection comes to life from the small worm holes, nail holes, and cracks and splits and much more.  Carlisle craftsman ensure that every board, no matter how much character it has, it suitable for a wood floor.


3. What kind of “grain” do I like?

A. I like a strong grain with some figuring so I can see it throughout the board.
Recommendation:  Consider White Oak wood floors, Red Oak, Ash, and Hickory.  These styles have a stronger grain that will definitely add character to the overall floor. 

B. I do not like a strong grain, I want the grain to be smooth so I can barely see it.
Recommendation:  Consider a hardwood floor like Walnut, Cherry, Maple, or Eastern White Pine. 

C. I like a straight, smoother grain with no figuring
Recommendation:  Consider Quartersawn Oak floors which are cut using a special sawing technique that will reveal a very straight and linear grain. 



4. What is the overall color scheme of my space?

A. I want to use lighter colors, like white, cream, and other neutral tones so my space will be very bright and open.
Recommendation:  Consider a natural finish like the Carlisle Amber  or Clear.  If you are considering a stain then White Wash Fence or Concord Honey. May be a great solution. 

B.  I will be using more medium, earth tones and colors.
Recommendation:  Consider a medium tone stain like Gingerbread  or Coppermine. 

C. I want my floor to have an aged, grey look to it. 
Recommendation:  Driftwood  finishes, as they are popularly known, can be achieved on many different species including White Oak, Hickory, and Ash. 

D. I prefer a dark to black floor finish. 
Recommendation:  Dark stains look great on a variety of species from Eastern White Pine wood floors to hardwood like Maple wood floors.  We have a variety of stains that will meet your needs. See them all here .  A dark wood floor will need to be cleaned more regularly as it will show scuff marks, dog hair and dirt more than a light or medium colored wood.


5. Sheen/Gloss Level

When making a final flooring selection it is important to consider the preferred sheen level (gloss).  You can determine the level of sheen that your floor will have and it can be more or less glossy. 

High-gloss – Will give your floor this highest sheen possible.  But it will become less glossy over time.  You will need to recoat the finish more regularly to maintain a high gloss. 
Satin – This is the most popular sheen.  It will be the easiest to maintain and can be used on any flooring style, grade and color.
Matte – Provides the lowest sheen possible.  This finish looks best on lighter floors as it can make dark wood floors appear with a slight “milky haze”.





Once you narrow down your top choices let a Wide Plank Specialist help you choose the wood, width, grade and color! 

Get more information today and Request a FREE 60-page catalog!

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