Farhm Fine Floors - Installing Wide Plank Floors just about anywhere!

Farhm Fine Floors owner and operated by Matt Farhm has been a Carlisle Preferred Installer since 2004.  I always enjoy working with Matt because he offers our customer excellent customer service just like they would get working directly with Carlisle, and high qualtiy craftsmanship when it comes to installing and finishing their floors.  He has installed OVER 200,000 square feet of wide plank wood flooring in pine wood floors, hardwood floors, and reclaimed wood floors.  He has completed installations in 22 states!  

Please take a moment to check out some his work in homes all over the country:

Eastern White Pine wood floors, 7" - 12" random widths, finished with Carlisle High Resin Tung Oil

Location: New Hampshire










Eastern White Pine wood flooring, 13" - 20" random widths, stained on site with Carlisle Stain and Carlisle High Resin Tung Oil

Location: Lake Placid, New York











Long Leaf Heart Pine - Edge Grain/Vertical Grain, All 3" wide, custom stain and High Resin Tung Oil

 Location: Winchester, Massachusetts









Red oak Hardwood Flooring, 5" wide, no stain and finished with Carlisle High Resin Tung Oil

Location: Duck, North Carolina






Walnut Hardwood Flooring, 6" - 10" random widths, finished with Carlisle High Resin Tung Oil

Location: Monroe, Georgia













Wide Plank Hickory hardwood floors, 6" - 10" random widths, finished onsite with Carlisle stain and Carlisle Traditional Finish.

Location: Mosier, Oregon







Farhm Fine Floors is fully insured and can offer customers a variety of services:

* Installation of wide plank flooring in any width

* Apply all finish whether it be stain, Tung Oil, Poly from top of the line suppliers

* installation of wood flooring on concrete slab, radiant heat , and other speciality installations


If you are looking for an installer for your Carlisle floor get in touch with Matt Today.  He can be reached at 603 496 4165 or by email at farhmfloors@gmail.com.

And if you are looking for wide plank floors then request our beautiful color catalog today for Free

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