The Farm Table Restaurant - great food and great floors!

The premise of the Farm Table Restaurant was founded on revitalizing the farm-to-table movement. It came to life in a beautiful historic home in Bernardston, MA dating back as far as the Revolutionary War.  The restaurant combined respect for food and nourishing the soul, with reverance for this 200 year old history of the building, maintaining authentic details in the architecture and creating a captivating space for patrons. 

Included in the design of the restaurant were Wide Plank Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine Floors .  Carlisle historic stain was used to give the floor a aged look, as if it had reached a deep patina over 200 years.  Carlisle finishes were also chosen to give the floor a hand-rubbed finish and make it easy for the restaurant to maintain. 

Thanks to the restaurant for including Carlisle, and if you are in the area check out the Farm Table Restaurant.

Pine Flooring & Distressed Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

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