How to Find the Right Wood Flooring Partner for Your Project

When you are building a custom home or working on a custom interior design, you need to have the right team around you to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Everyone knows the value of working with the right builder, designer and architect, but what about your flooring partner? Have you given the right amount of consideration to selecting this important professional for your custom building project?

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when looking for a flooring partner to help you out.

How to Choose a Flooring Partner

The best option is to work one on one with the company that makes the flooring products you plan to use in your project. Most wood flooring today is sold through installers or retailers, you may never actually know who made the floor, where it actually came from, or even how it was made.  This can be concerning for a few reasons. 

  1. What is the environmental impact of the product. Even though your floors are purchased from a "local" company, is the flooring really local or has it been shipped across the ocean from a mass production facility. 
  2. What products went into making the floor, depending on where the floors has been made can determine what type of finish was used on the floor and if there should be any concerns with the quality, maintenance and environmental health of the product once installed.  This is particularly concerning with engineered and prefinished wood flooring. 
  3. You should also be concerned with the quality and aesthetics of your flooring.  If you are unsure who or where the flooring was made, how can be confident in the quality and overall beauty you are going to get.  Most flooring today is mass produced, so you can't be guaranteed that one "batch" of flooring will really be consistent with the next, that is why many times you have to order a higher than normal "cutting allowance" (i.e. an overage of flooring above what you actually need). By working with a flooring partner who makes each floor to order you are ensured the highest level of quality and consistency.  

Your flooring partner should also be able to address your questions about longevity, maintenance, and provie insight into the installation process.   No one knows a product better than the people who make it. 

What About "Local" Flooring Partners?

Your first instinct may be to use a local flooring supplier for your interior design project. However, what does "local" actually mean? The fact that a supplier is based in your local area does not necessarily mean that the supplier will be able to offer you a local product.

A local company could be supplying wide plank flooring that was made in China, for example. In that case, you will have no direct method of getting in touch with the manufacturer if you have questions or concerns. For this reason, working directly with the manufacturer of the floor you want to use can be a better option.  Most of the time, and as it the case with Carlisle, you can buy your flooring direct to save time and money, and your flooring partner can work directly with your local installer, builder, to provide guidance on the installation. 

Benefits of the Right Wood Flooring Partner

The right wood flooring partner can be an unvaluable resource for your project.  Even though floors may seem like a small piece of the overall project, sometimes as an afterthough at the end of the project, proper planning for your new flooring will help your project stay ons chedule to avoid delays and additional costs.  But making sure your floors show up on time is one of the roles of your flooring partner, for example, if you were to work with a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist they would work with you for the entire duration of your project - whether that is for 3 months or 24 months while you build your custom home. 

This person will help you browse, narrow down, and specifiy your entire wood floor design, providing samples and pricing by phone, email or in person if you live near a showroom.  Your ideal flooring partner will then transition to working with any builders or installers involved on your project to addresst technical concerns or questions, for example "Can I use your wide plank floors with radiant heat" or "How do I install your flooring to concrete?". 

Being a wood flooring partner is more than just walking you through dozens of flooring swatches, it is about providing guidance and expertise at every step of the project - this allows you and your other building partners to complete your project on time and ensure you have everything you envision for your custom home.

How to Find the Right Flooring for Your Home

Finding the right flooring for your home can be very time consuming, particularly if you have to research all the options yourself. Working directly with the company that makes the flooring can help you save valuable time. You’ll get access to all the products in that company’s range, with all the information you need to understand the differences between them. Your ideal flooring partner should be able to provide personalized design recommendations to help you find the perfect floor for your property, not just select something off a shelf or from a SKU catalog.

Why Work With Carlisle Wood Flooring?

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a manufacturer of high-quality wood flooring products. Carlisle floors can meet the needs of any building or design project. If you want to see for yourself how a particular type of flooring will look in your home, order a selection of flooring samples so you can choose the option that complements your home decor. Once you have made this decision, you can work with Carlisle to order exactly the amount of flooring you need for your custom building project.  Download the Smart Buyer's Guide to Selecting the Right Flooring, to get started.

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