Five good reasons to use Tung oil on your reclaimed, hard wood floor

We most often recommend Tung oil as the final step in creating your beautiful floor. Tung oil, which is pressed from the nut of the Tung tree, often makes the most perfect finish to a Carlisle wide plank floor for these reasons:

1. Tung oil is easy to apply and maintain.

2. It is a great alternative to harsh polyurethane or varnish – and gives the floors an authentic “hand-rubbed” look, rather than a “plastic” shine.

3. It penetrates the wood and permanently becomes a part of the floor. This gives the color a richness and depth that isn’t possible with other finishes that sit on the surface of the wood.

4. The floor will never have to be sanded or refinished if Tung oil is used. The oil can be re-applied I high traffic areas—such as a doorway or in front of the sink or refrigerator—when need be.

5. The Carlisle brand of Tung oil is a specially formulated mixture for floors that contains polymers and resins. This gives it the ability to harden, and therefore protect your floor from spills and traffic.

Tung oil has been around a long time. It was used by the Chinese over 500 years ago to waterproof the keels of seagoing ships. Due to its elasticity and penetrating capabilities, Tung oil forms an almost permanent barrier against moisture. Tung oil is still often called “Chinawood Oil,” but it comes from Tung tree farms in the southern United States and Argentina now, too.

This unique oil is used as the protective base that Carlisle recommends for a beautiful finish on every one of our floors. We have experimented with many different finishes. However, we have never found a better finish for sealing and wear protection that, at the same time, creates an antique appearance to your floor.

Original wide plank floors were finished with a mix of Tung and linseed oil, beeswax, and wood ash. This created a hand-rubbed, low luster finish that enhanced the natural characteristics of the wood. In order to recreate this look in today’s floors, and ensure the beauty and long life of your floor, Carlisle recommends only our high resin Tung oil.

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