Meet a Carlisle Craftsman - Brandon Black

Carlisle Pre-finished wood floors  have been a big hit since we started offering it to our clients nearly 5 years.  During that time we have had several key team players involved to make it go smoothly.  One of those team players is Brandon Black – an outdoor enthusiast and proud papa to 2-year old Rylee.  

As one of the original team members, Brandon has seen everything that goes into a pre-finished wood floor.  There are countless hours spent mixing colors to get the right stain to match a custom sample, or methodically staining and finishing hundreds of 4” x 20” staves for a Pre-Finished Chevron wood floor  by hand. 

Plus, there are dozens of quality control processes that every floor goes through to check for adhesion, color, and sheen, among other things.  But Brandon wouldn’t have it any other way after all that is the level of quality customers expect! 

And the Pre-finish team demonstrates the camaraderie and team work to make it all possible!  And makes his day and his job enjoyable. 

As a team, we can think outside the box to develop solutions that will improve equipment and processes.  And these new ideas also effectively improve the overall product for a Carlisle customer. 

This kind of teamwork and product quality gets rave reviews from many outside of Carlisle.  “We recently had 2 technicians come to Carlisle pre-finishing and tell us that we do a great job and our product is among the best they have seen” said Brandon.

From pine wood floors  to hardwood floors, Carlisle has the finish solution for you.  Save time on installation, complete your project sooner and get the best accurate results with Carlisle Custom Coat Pre-Finished wood floors. 

Find out more today about our Pre-finished floors and request a FREE Brochure today !

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