Meet a Carlisle Craftsman - John Cooke

For over 10 years John has worked for Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.  Every week he spends hours with a hand-planer and sand paper meticulously recreating authentic hand-distressed surfaces on our floors such as:  Oak flooring, Pine flooring and Reclaimed flooring. 

John brings a level of craftsmanship that fits in perfectly with the hand-made approach to every Carlisle floor.   He has turned his job and every floor he sets his hands on into a piece of art.

John’s long tenure with Carlisle has helped him learn that when it comes to building a floor for a customer it is all about understanding the customer’s needs….“I try to put myself in the clients shoes – what their expectations, visions are of what their floor will look like in their home and then create a floor that will be the focal point of their home."







John’s favorite wood is Cherry Wood floors. Whether it is a prefinished wood floor, or unfinished wood flooring, the beautiful grain, and rich color can fit the most classic formal home or a mountain lodge with more rustic flooring.

John carries this craftsmanship over to his pursuits outside of work, crafting custom furniture and restoring aAntique furniture.  If you are interested in learning more about his custom furniture please contact him at 603-357-3153. 

To find out more about John’s work at Carlisle’s wide plank flooring - Request a Free brochure today!

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