The First Set of Eyes for Every floor ~ Cliff Faulkner

Every Carlisle floor gets inspected by about 30 different sets of eyes – yes 30!  From the person who received the lumber from our sawyers when it first arrived, to the craftsman who will grade the floor and perform the final milling, to the Pre-Finish Team - every set of eyes is important to deliver a high quality floor to our customers. 

And one of the first set of eyes to touch your floor is Cliff Faulkner, Warehouse Manager for Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.  Cliff’s role is to select the rough lumber that will go into every floor made at Carlisle. 

This may seem easy, but imagine this – the rough lumber only shows about 50% of what you can expect from each board.  For example, a customer may order an Heirloom White Oak floor,  which is meant to have less knots.  The rough lumber may look perfect but once milling begins, several knots may appear that you did not see.  Or you may begin crafting a Reclaimed wood floor and expose many cracks or checks that affect the integrity of the board. 


That is why Cliff will provide 30-50% more material to the Molder team as they prepare to build the floor.  While some companies might just send you what they have available, whether it suits your specs or not, Cliff makes sure the team building your floor has access to the highest quality wood to meet the specifications of every floor in the grade, widths, and lengths chosen by the customer. 

Having worked for other wood manufacturers in the area, Cliff knows that Carlisle creates a certain look and delivers quality wood flooring that no other manufacturer can match.  So it is easy to be passionate about Carlisle, and pulling the material that goes into the beautiful floors shipped all over the world.

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