What’s Cooking in Kitchen Trends for 2013 - Texture and Simplified Design

 In the final installment of our segment "What's Cooking in Kitchens Trends for 2013" we are going to talk about two items that you may not even have considered yet - textures, simplified design, and gloss.


Textures are often overlooked, but are important.  Textures keep a space interesting and keep it from feeling flat and dull.  Textures tend to complement natural colors.  There are a number of different ways to add texture to a kitchen:

Wood Floors


























Decorative Elements









Simplified Lines

We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss simplified lines and gloss in kitchen trends for 2013.  Heavy ornamentation and over the top decoration is out for 2013. 


Simplified lines, contemporary designs that denote a more simplified and orderly life is hot for 2013.




Gloss found in cabinetry, metals, backsplashes and other kitchen elements is also a popular trend in 2013.










Do you prefer a more contemporary kitchen with clean lines?  Do you like the idea of glossy surfaces?  What other trends do you see for 2013?


This article was contributed by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft.

Superior Woodcraft is a local custom cabinet maker from Doylestown, Pa - the heart of Bucks County.
Superior Woodcraft, Inc.
160 N Hamilton Street
Doylestown, Pa 18901

Photo Credit:
"Beams" - Architect: Moger•Mehrhof Architects  Phototgraphy: Jeffrey Totaro

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