Woodworker knows Quality When He Sees It

Here at Carlisle we know wood.  But we love hearing from clients with the same deep understanding and appreciation of what makes a quality wood floor.

We got an email from one such customer - Tim S. in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Tim worked with Wide Plank Specialist Scott Ogden to design some floors for his new kitchen.   Tim admits that it took him and his wife about 3 years to decide on a new kitchen design, and he spent a year “shopping around for a quality product” for this new floors.   But Scott was patient the entire time.  From helping them pick out the Reclaimed Oak wood floors, to finding the right stain and finish to use.

We are so glad Tim and his wife settled on Carlisle and shared their story with us.

Contact us today for a free design consulation with a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist!

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