Wood Flooring Grades

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has been hand-crafting wood floors since 1966.

Since that time we have harvested, procured, and purchased millions of board feet of flooring and developed a deep understanding of the characteristics required to build a high quality floor that will be aesthetically pleasing and stable. With this knowledge we have developed proprietary flooring grades that capture the highest quality characteristics of every type of floor we make.


Traditional flooring grades - which are abundant in the industry - have one basic principle in mind when establishing their “grades” - QUALITY.

These grades are used for mass produced strip floors, cabinetry or furniture makers - they are not developed for the purpose of making wide plank flooring. They don’t take into account where the tree grew, where the board was cut from the log, overall heart content, or the drying process. Because of this you will find that many wood flooring manufacturers - and the installers who install them - only offer 2 1/4” oak, or 5” oak, and there are many more restrictions on where and how you can install them.

Carlisle’s proprietary wood flooring grades reflect the aesthetics of the floor, not the quality. Every board is sawn from the first 40’ of a log, cut only from mature timbers that have grown in the best climates. Like a fine, rare wine, aged over the years, Carlisle wood flooring grades produce the best quality - so you can choose the floor you love most based on the look.

Carlisle grades also offer many distinct benefits:

  • Improved overall beauty in the color and grain
  • Longer average lengths - 6’ versus 3’ long
  • Wider average widths - 8” wide vs 5” wide
  • Improved performance in more environments like humid and dry climates
  • Enhanced performance and stability in wide plank boards
  • More installation options including radiant heat, direct to concrete slab, at or below grade
  • More finish options

See our proprietary flooring grades below to better understand and visualize the flooring grade that is right for you, based on the look you wish to create. Then contact us to speak to a Wide Plank Specialist who can discuss the perfect grade for your new wood floor and provide you with samples.


    Sawn from the base and mid-portion of the tree, this grade most resembles the floors of our ancestors.


    A perfect blend of character and clarity. This grade truly let’s the tree tell it’s story and is BY FAR OUR MOST POPULAR GRADE!


    The most revered floor we craft, sawn from the portion of the tree with few or no branches. This produces a cleaner, more formal look.


    Available in Studio Collection and Manhattan Collection


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