Engineered Wood Flooring

Carlisle Solid Or Engineered Floors

It’s About Options. Not Restrictions.

At the core of the debate.

The National Wood Flooring Association guidelines recommend against using solid wood flooring in certain applications, where high moisture may be an issue, such as installing below grade or over a concrete slab.

This does make sense for most traditional wood flooring, where narrow strips, high moisture absorption and other issues can lead to warping and shrinkage. That’s why engineered wood flooring is traditionally recommended in these applications. The cross-layering in engineered wood floors is designed to significantly improve dimensional stability.

Carlisle offers solid advantages.

Unlike most traditional solid wood flooring, Carlisle wide plank flooring offers several advantages that make it suitable for all applications. It’s made from old growth heartwood to assure a tight, dense grain pattern for strength. Plus, all wood undergoes an extensive drying by both air drying and kiln drying for the best dimensional stability. In addition, unlike most flooring, our traditional Carlisle Custom Coat™ prefinishing is coated on all sides to delay moisture absorption. As a result, we’ve been able to install our solid wood flooring over every type of radiant heat system and concrete surface for dozens of years.

Taking the right stand.

With all of our success using solid wood wide plank flooring in non-standard applications, some might question our decision to introduce Carlisle premium engineered wood flooring. First, we recognized that some installers are just more comfortable with engineered wood flooring in certain applications. And, second, we wanted to make an engineered wood flooring that was worthy of the Carlisle name … and your trust.

Unlimited options by design.

Our premium engineered wood flooring is not limited to a few patterns or species and they are made to order just like our solid wood floors. This enables you to focus on the right look for your overall design without worrying about anything else. Above grade … below grade … bathrooms … kitchens … it doesn’t matter – you find the right look and we’ll provide it in the floor you need – solid wood or engineered wood flooring. The choice is yours. The beauty is Carlisle.

Engineered with our core values.

At Carlisle, we’ve built a legend for crafting beautiful floors that will last for generations by not taking shortcuts. That’s why we use heartwood from carefully selected trees. The denser grain pattern gives each solid wood wide plank superior strength, durability and beauty that cannot be matched. We brought that same commitment to creating legendary engineered hardwood flooring with our exclusive Stabilicore™ engineered flooring construction.

Layered with deep inner strength.

The unrivalled center of Stabilicore™ engineered wood floor consists of 11-ply Baltic birch premium hardwood plywood, while typical American hardwood plywood is usually only 7-ply. These extra plies give Stabilicore™ engineered flooring construction a significant advantage in strength and stability. In addition, the dimensional stability is further compounded by layering each ply so that the grain runs at a 90°angle to the grain pattern of the previous ply.

Authentic Baltic birch … no substitutes allowed.

Although some Baltic birch trees are grown domestically, the best climate for healthy growth is along the Baltic Sea in Finland and Russia. Here under optimum growing conditions, there is far less chance of wood bugs and other ailments creating voids or gaps. Because it’s void-free, our premium engineered construction makes rock solid joints from plank to plank for a floor that just won’t move.

It’s a Carlisle wide plank floor at heart.

The system found in Stabilicore™ engineered flooring provides Carlisle wide plank wood floors with a moisture tolerance that’s far superior to traditional solid or engineered wood floors, so they can be installed anywhere in the home. In fact, under virtually any conditions, Carlisle wide plank premium engineered wood floors will outperform any other engineered hardwood floors (and most traditional solid wood) floors. And that makes it a Carlisle floor at heart.

Choose to look pretty … and smart.

There are no trade-offs in choosing between our solid and engineered wood floors. Our premium engineered wood flooring is hand crafted and made to order for the same level of customization you expect from Carlisle. And, unlike many engineered floors, ours look just as beautiful as our solid wood floors. In the end, your flooring choice is a matter of what best fits your needs and those of your installer. But as long as you choose an attractive Carlisle solid or premium engineered hardwood floor, you’re making a smart decision you can stand on for years to come.



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