Hardwood Floors

Most American hardwood trees are highly adaptive. You’ll find them in one form or another all the way from Canada to Florida and Texas. But it is primarily in New England, the upper Midwest, the Ohio River Valley and portions of the Appalachians where cool, short summers allow individual species of these trees to slowly grow to their maximum heights and circumferences. This translates into tighter, denser grains and optimum beauty for woodworking, cabinetry and especially wide plank flooring.

Over the years, Carlisle has developed relationships with small local sawyers in all these regions in order to procure the very best hardwoods from the very best growing climates. These are people who share our environmental vision and goals of producing America’s finest hardwood flooring from forests grown and managed in a totally sustainable manner. We consider them to be part of our extended family and it helps us deliver the highest quality hardwood floors to our customers.


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