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How to Buy

Distressed Wood Flooring and Prefinished Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Customizing Your Floor

Every Carlisle floor is made to order offering the best combination of color options, finish choices, and hand-made surfaces.  Let our Wide Plank Specialist help you find the perfect color or hand-made surface for your floor.

Hand-Made Surfaces

Carlisle’s expert craftsmen can create a variety of handmade surface treatments for our Pine, Hardwood and Reclaimed floors to help each client achieve the perfect look.

Historic Stains & Finishes

Carlisle can provide clients with a variety of finish options whether you use one of our historic stains or if we can create a custom color for you. We will also help you pick the right finish/sealer based on the look you want to create and how you want your floors to wear overtime.

Carlisle Flooring Grades

All Carlisle flooring is crafted from the same high quality timbers, so we have created proprietary wood flooring grades reflect the aesthetics of the floor so you can create the perfect look for any floor design.