Cherry Floors

This was the favored wood for many of the finest early American furniture and interior panels because it could be polished to a deep, glowing red.

As a flooring material, Cherry is also unique in that as it ages, its lustrous hues will darken a bit more than other hardwoods, and ultimately mature to a rich, burnished auburn color. The subtle, but distinctive, flowing grain patterns and uniquely inviting warmth, make our Cherry wood floors one of our most popular hardwood flooring styles.

More Cherry Floors

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Plank Face Width
4" to 12"
Plank Thickness
3/4", 5/8" or 1/2" - Solid
3/4" - Engineered
Plank Length
2-12' random, average 6-7' long
Milled Profile
Tongue and Groove, Stress Reliefs
Available in
Solid or Engineered Wood