Reclaimed Milled Barnwood Floors

Reclaimed Milled Barnwood, also known as Antique Milled Barnwood, is a rustic reclaimed wood floor consisting of a mix of several different woods, including Red and White Pine, Hemlock and Spruce.

When you walk on one of this remarkable reclaimed hardwood flooring, it’s as though you can recount its past. It provides a rich, warm comfort that only comes through the passage of time.

The rich coloration varying from nutty brown to auburn and yellow, and a character that invites you to celebrate its imperfections - you’ll find that every nail hole, stain, knot and split reflects an enduring memory which commands genuine admiration and deference.

More Reclaimed Milled Barnwood Floors

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Plank Face Width
4" - 12" wide
Plank Thickness
3/4" and 5/8" - Solid
Plank Length
random lengths, averging 5' long
Milled Profile
Tongue and Groove or Square Edge, No Stress Reliefs
Available in
Solid Wood