Walnut Floors

While it may have an unassuming name, Walnut is not an understated wood.

In fact, there is no other wood quite like it. Walnut is a sumptuous dark wood floor with rich, chocolate hues, surprising auburn undertones, and complex grain patterns, making for a spectacular floor with or without stain. And with a beauty that lends itself to cabinetry work, and a fortitude that made it a popular choice for gunstocks and early airplane propellers, Walnut is one of the most attractive woods available. Our handcrafted planks are particularly striking due to their exceptional lengths, widths and heartwood content - the result of ideal Midwestern growing conditions, where Walnut is sustainably harvested

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Plank Face Width
4" to 12"
Plank Thickness
3/4", 5/8" or 1/2" - Solid
3/4" - Engineered
Plank Length
Heirloom Grade - 2-9' long
Average 5' Long
Original Grade - 2-10' long
Average 6' Long
Milled Profile
Tongue and Groove, Stress Reliefs
Available in
Solid or Engineered Wood