Ash Living Room

American Ash is an amazingly dense and durable wood prized for its interesting grain patterns and striking hues.

You can expect many variations of color from this hardwood flooring, when finished naturally. From light blonde to cream, and rich nutty brown hues. It can also be stained and finished to achieve almost any look, or to neutralize the variation, for a more consistent tone. Contact us today to speak with Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist, who can help you find the perfect color and finish for your floor, based on the look you wish to create.

Photos courtesy of Copyright © Dan Gair / Blind Dog Photo, Inc.

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Floor Number
Ash Floors
6" to 12" random widths
random lengths, averaging 7-8' long
Tongue and Groove; Stress Reliefs
Plank Thickness
3/4", 5/8" or 1/2"
Installed Over
Radiant Heat, Waterfront