Hit Or Miss Eastern White Pine

We reserve a special spot for our Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine because it such a popular floor for rustic cabins or upscale Italian Restaurants!

This distressed wood flooring is an authentic reproduction of centuries old milling techniques when watermills along river-ways would saw Pine logs into boards. Manufacturing capabilities were not quite as refined as they are today so the machinery would “skip” across the boards leaving original saw marks. At the time, if you were using these boards in your home you would hand scrape or sand these marks out, but our craftsman recreate this skip milling here today and preserve it with our “Hit or Miss” surface.

This floor is popular for Reclaimed wood enthusiasts who want wider boards, or need something a little more economical. To create the most authentic look consider a medium to dark stain to best reveal the rustic saw marks, and our authentic hand cut nails.

Photos courtesy of Copyright © Dan Gair / Blind Dog Photo, Inc.

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Floor Number
Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine Floors
7" to 11" random widths
random lengths, averaging 11' long
Hit or Miss
Tongue and Groove; Stress Reliefs
Plank Thickness
3/4", 5/8" or 1/2"