Radiant Heat Installation

Nothing tops radiant heat like we do

Radiant Heat is like any other heating system, it simply has less fluctuation in relative humidity, which is ideal for wood floors. It also offers a number of other advantages such as high energy efficiency.

  • Consistent heat distribution without hot spots or cold spots.
  • No forced air movement, which means less dust and allergens.
  • Aesthetically pleasing—no unsightly registers, radiators or ductwork.
  • Silent operation, which is easy and economical to maintain.

Carlisle over the competition

Like all wood, Carlisle boards will shrink or expand when exposed to a variety of temperature and humidity conditions. But Carlisle can dramatically improve the quality of your wood floor and significantly minimize that expansion and contraction. Here’s how:

  • Keeping your Floor Flat & Stable

    Unlike most wood, Carlisle floors will remain flat and stable because our boards are sourced from, bigger, better trees, slowly grown in ideal climates, which means tighter rings and denser grain.

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  • Center Cut Wood from Bigger, Better Trees

    Primarily sawn from heartwood, the densest, driest part of the tree, which is less likely to absorb moisture.

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  • Extensive Drying

    Slowly air dried for up to a year before final kiln drying for harder fibers and more stable boards.

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  • SlowCraft™ Manufacturing Process

    Each board milled one at a time under stringent quality control.

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Read more about installing Carlisle Wide Plank Floors to a radiant heat subfloor. CLICK HERE to download more information.


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