Wide plank cherry wood floors add elegance to any space.

When you're considering cherry wood floors for your residential or commercial space, wide plank solid hardwood floors can dramatically transform your room. Wide plank cherry wood floors have fewer seams, giving a room a more spacious and open look and infusing the space with more elegance. Wide plank floors bring out more of the individual character and the unique history of the cherry wood – you may see as much as 150 years of growth in a single board.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors provide cherry hardwood floors of the highest quality,made from with timbers harvested from sustainable forests and milled by expert craftsmen who bring out the beauty of each board. When you choose Carlisle for your cherry wood flooring, you will work with the most knowledgeable people in the industry who will happily help you design and install wood flooring of remarkable beauty and durability.

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Carlisle offers top quality cherry wood floors.

Based in New England, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors provides new and reclaimed wood floors that are unparalleled in beauty and stability. Carlisle craftsmen produce each cherry wood plank one board at a time – a practice that is practically unheard of in the wood flooring industry. The widest cherry boards are cut from the oldest trees and from the oldest parts of those trees – trees that have reached their full maturity and must be removed from the forest to let newer timbers thrive.

In addition to cherry floors, Carlisle provides new floors in a variety of other woods including oak,, ash, walnut and more. Carlisle also offers a variety of reclaimed and rustic flooring, with timber salvaged from older buildings in parts of the country best suited for the preservation of hardwood building materials.

Cherry floors made from wood that darkens as it ages.

Cherry was a favorite of many of the earliest American wood workers and furniture makers because it could be polished to a deep, glowing red. As a cherry wood floor ages, its rich colors tend to darken more than other hardwoods, ultimately becoming a dark wood floor of rich, burnished auburn. With lustrous warmth and a pleasing flowing grain pattern, cherry wood floors are one of the most popular that Carlisle offers.

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