Since 1966 we’ve answered countless questions from homeowners and trade people alike, and we’ve brought you some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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How do I buy a Carlisle floor?

Unlike most floors sold today through a big box store or distributor, Carlisle provides you with the convenience of buying direct from the manufacturer!  Learn more about How to Buy and get started with a free color catalog or call 800.595.9663 to speak to a Wide Plank Specialist for a free design consultation.

I want to buy local?

There is only one place to buy a Carlisle wide plank floor – directly from Carlisle. Carlisle recognizes that customers may want to buy local and we appreciate that, but keep in mind that even if you purchase your floor locally, the flooring you purchase is made outside of the United States, more than half the time. Every Carlisle wide plank floor is made to order, and all are manufactured in the United States. Our Wide Plank Specialists are happy to work with your local resource, or directly with you, to provide the design tools and samples needed to find the perfect floor for your project.

How do I budget for my Carlisle Floors?

Most builders and architects have a standard flooring allowance of $8-10/SF which is meant to cover the wood floors, installation and finish, meaning you can only spend $3-4/SF on your floors. This allowance, while great for the overall budget, is very limiting to you as the final end user. If you are a discerning customer a $4/SF floor isn’t going to work for your project - you want better quality, wider boards, longer lengths and the flexibility to choose the floor you want, not pick from a box on a shelf. Your Wide Plank Specialist can help you put together a detailed budget and even offer suggestions where you can save money on the floor design! If you have specific pricing questions call us at 800-595-9663.

When should I start planning for my new floors?

The wood floors you choose for your home are not just a “floor covering” but a timeless architectural element that can last for the life of your home, and will be lived on for generations. Carlisle recommends that you begin the planning process as early as possible so we can assist you outlining both a floor design and the proper budget for the flooring you want in your home .

Can I use wood floors in my kitchen?

Certainly! For the first 200 years wood was the only flooring option and you would see it installed in every room of the house. Many homes along the eastern seaboard still have original wood floors today. Kitchens are one of the most comment rooms to install wood flooring given the versatile styling, durability and enhanced comfort when compared to other floor covering options. There are two important considerations when you are installing wood floors in a kitchen - the quality of the wood and the quality of the finish you use. A higher quality wood is going to be more durable and resilient, which is important in a busy kitchen. The quality of the finish will determine how easy it is to clean and touch up over the years. A majority of floors available today, especially pre-finished cannot be touched up without an aggressive sanding process and the finishes are so hard that they show scratches very easily. Carlisle Floors are finished with a high quality finish that is more flexible, so it wears naturally and can be cleaned easily, and touched up over the years with our Dustless Recoat kit!

I have heard that wide boards can cup. Is this the case with your wood?

The width of the board does not have anything to do with the potential for cupping or other negative movement. The quality of the wood that is used to make the planks will determine the stability of the floor.  The quality of the floor is determined by the wood being used.  The best quality wood is sawn from mature timbers grown in the select areas of the country, ideal for each species.  This wood must be cut from the center of the timber, which will give each board a higher percentage of heartwood and vertical grain.  You should never use wood that is sawn from the outer portion of the log or the limbs.  The wood should also be air and kiln dried, not just kiln dried.  The grading and milling used to craft the floor will have a big impact on its stability.  At Carlisle we adhere to these guidelines, and that is why we are able to make boards up to 20 inches wide and 16 feet long.   Learn more about Carlisle quality in this short video. The installer and homeowner are also responsible for proper installation and job site control to ensure long term stability. 

I am considering Radiant Heat in my project, do your floors work with Radiant heat?

We have installed over 5 million square feet of flooring on radiant heat in the last 10 years! Carlisle is one of the only companies to proudly say that our Solid and Engineered floors can be installed over today’s popular radiant heat system whether it is in plywood, concrete, or gypcrete. This is due to the fact that the procurement, overall quality, drying and milling processes create a wood floor superior to other offerings on the market. Our Wide Plank Specialist are well versed in today’s radiant heat systems and how to guide you through design and installation. You do not have to be limited to narrow planks or Quarter-Sawn wood either - every Carlisle Solid and Engineered floor is approved for Radiant Heat.
Learn more by watching this short video:

My project has a concrete subfloor, can your floors be installed on concrete?

Yes! Carlisle has installed Solid and Engineered floors direct to concrete for many years in residential and commercial projects! This is due to the fact that the procurement, overall quality, drying and milling processes create a wood floor superior to other offerings on the market. Our Wide Plank Specialists are well versed in concrete installation thanks to our extensive training, and can recommend installation methods and adhesives for the best installation.
Learn more by watching this short video.

Can these floors be installed by a Do-It-yourselfer?

Yes! Carlisle Floors don’t always have to be installed be a professional installer, in fact a large majority of the floors we make today are being installed by DIY-ers. All of our Wide Plank Specialists are trained in installation, many of them installing them in their own homes! We can provide you with installation tips and tricks and walk you through the entire process. Having your floor pre-finished is a great way to make the process even easier.

How do I clean and maintain my floors?

There are cleaners that we recommend for your floors, that are inexpensive and easy to use. We will send you instructions on where this is available. You can also touch up your floors over the years with our Dustless Recoat kit, or recoat your entire floor with our re-finishing products. We will outline these products for you once you make a final flooring selection.
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Are your floors suitable for homes with dogs, and children?

Yes! You don’t have to wait until the kids go to college or get rid of the dog to enjoy a Carlisle floor. The fact that our floors are so popular for Commercial projects like busy hotels, restaurants and retail stores, they will be perfect for even the biggest family or the biggest dog - or both!


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