Wide plank leather flooring brings more luxury and beauty to your space.

if you want something other than engineered wood flooring or reclaimed flooring for your home, choose a wide plank leather floor from Carlisle.  With a refined appearance, rich colors and striking textures, leather flooring is truly a thing of beauty especially when it’s from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.   

Whether you have a residential or commercial space, wide plank leather flooring creates an elegant aesthetic that works well on its own or in conjunction with other floor coverings like hardwood flooring, cork flooring or laminate flooring, that may be used elsewhere in the property.

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Good For You and the Environment.

With a wide plank leather floor from Carlisle wide plank floors you aren’t just choosing the best floor for your home or commercial space, you are also choosing a floor with many environmental benefits. 

The leather flooring available from Carlisle, is made from 100% recycled leather, contain no added formaldehyde, no harmful emissions and they exceed California’s Indoor Air Quality standards.

Impressive Styles & Dimensions

Carlisle knows that exceptional interiors require exceptional floors, that’s why our leather flooring is made in six unique styles with on-trend colors and textures that can make any interior striking and sleek.

The wide plank leather flooring from Carlisle is designed just like our engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring, in wider widths and longer lengths so you can create an expansive and elegant look with fewer seams and more beauty. 

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