Transform your space with a wide plank oak wood floor.

For a unique and stunning look for your residential or commercial space, a wide plank oak wood floor from Carlisle is just the thing. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors specializes in creating individually crafted oak floors with wider, longer planks, minimizing the number of seams in the floor to create a much more open and spacious look, regardless of room size. Wider planks also show more personality of the oak floor – each plank has more individual character, showing as much as 200 years of growth and giving any room a more distinctive look.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a New England-based provider of the finest wide plank floors in North America. From forest to floor, an oak wood floor from Carlisle is individually crafted to maximize its beauty and character, and to provide you with a floor of extraordinary beauty and stability that will be an enduring architectural element for years to come.

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A new wood floor in Red or White Oak.

At Carlisle, you can choose a new oak floor or oak antique flooring. A Red Oak wood floor from Carlisle is unlike a Red Oak floor from any other provider. We harvest our oak exclusively from forests in the Northeast, where cooler temperatures cause trees to grow more slowly, producing tighter more consistent grain, enabling us to cut boards of exceptional width and length. Our White Oak wood floor products are among our most versatile solid wood flooring. A hard, resilient wood with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain features, White Oak can be finished for a casual, contemporary or formal look.

Our oak reclaimed wood flooring is made from timbers taken from old buildings in the Ohio River Valley, where the climate is ideally suited for the preservation of this oak wood. An oak rustic floor features prominent grain with eclectic figuring in hues that range from gold to nutty brown.

Get an oak wood floor made from sustainable forests.

We contract only with small growers who share our commitment to environmental sustainability. We only cut trees that have reached their peak maturity and must be harvested from the forest to allow younger trees to grow and mature. Our high standards mean we cut only one tree in every five acres.

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