Add charm and character with a rustic floor.

A rustic floor can add great personality to any room, and Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offer an extraordinary rustic floor in Grandpa's Floor. This reclaimed flooring product is made from Longleaf Heart Pine and has been reclaimed from the parts of old buildings and warehouses that have seen the most wear and tear – old structural joists or aging floor boards that have been meticulously inspected and cleaned, and preserved with minimal milling. The end product is unique dark wood flooring of deep charcoal and rich pumpkin hues, with the original watermarks, stains and saw kerfs. It's a rustic floor with remarkable primitive beauty, from one of North America's leading providers of new and reclaimed wide plank wood floors.

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Other rustic floor products from Carlisle.

Carlisle is the most requested supplier of reclaimed wood in North America and we offer a variety of rustic floor products to suit your residential or commercial needs. Reclaimed Oak hardwood flooring is known for strong, prominent grain, with hues that range from gold to rich nutty browns. Reclaimed Chestnut solid hardwood flooring is one of the most prized rustic woods, with rich browns and darker cocoa colors complemented by a unique wormhole effect – the result of bugs that ate the dying trees after a tragic blight in the early 1900s. Reclaimed Heart Pine, taken from old mills and factories throughout New England, offers a classically rustic look with deep ambers and pumpkin hues and strong grain. Reclaimed Barnwood preserves the rustic feel with all the nail holes, knots and stains from these planks' original use, and Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood delivers the rustic look, in browns and weathered greys, of old barns throughout northern New England.

Why choose a rustic or new floor from Carlisle?

At Carlisle, we are committed to providing you with wide plank floors of the highest quality, harvested from the finest sustainable forests in the best growing region for each species of tree. The result is wide plank hardwood floors of ageless beauty, remarkable character and tremendous stability. From oak to ash to maple hardwood floor products, we offer a wide range of materials and colors in unfinished or pre-finished choices. And our deep expertise in wide plank flooring enables us to give you highly personal assistance throughout the design and installation process.

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