Experience the unique beauty and timeless look of wide plank laminate flooring.

When you’re selecting laminate flooring for your home or business, consider the rich, distinctive look of wide plank laminate flooring available exclusively from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.  You’ll notice the difference immediately – the way wider, extra-long planks make the room seem more open and spacious so your floor add to the beauty of your interior design. 

Use wide plank laminate flooring to create a unique look, whether it is throughout the entire space, or one special room.  Wide plank laminate flooring goes well with other floor coverings like dark wood flooring and prefinished wood flooring, so you can create the perfect look – and get the right floor – for every room.

For the highest quality wide plank laminate flooring, you’ll find a wide array of choices at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

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Beautiful wide plank laminate flooring with style, performance and environmental benefits.

The wide plank laminate flooring available from Carlisle, offers unique colors and styles that will set any space apart, and with an AC4 rating, it is the perfect fit for even busy commercial interiors.  These wide plank laminate floors start beautiful, and stay beautiful.  They’ve been through the rigorous testing process of the North American Laminate Flooring Association designed to test the products durability, strength, performance and overall quality.

Superior quality and performance is built into all wide plank laminate flooring from Carlisle.  Each floor is milled to 1/1000 of an inch for the most exacting fit with a patented Uniclic® joint system and wear resistant melamine resin and aluminum oxide finish, that is warranted for up to 35 years.

When you select wide plank laminate flooring from Carlisle, you’ll also be selecting a floor that is good for the environment, because they comply with California Air Resources Board, California Section 01350 indoor air quality standards, and European Healthy Home Requirements.

The best styles and options from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. 

Consumers today want choices when it comes to the flooring styles for residential and commercial interiors.  That is why Carlisle offers more than just wide plank laminate flooring.  We also offer prefinished wood flooring and reclaimed flooring, cork plank flooring and leather flooring.  With Carlisle, you can find a floor for every budget, and every interior style.

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