Forest to Floor

Strictly center cut … we use only the heart of the tree.

Whether it’s a rare gem or the perfect steak, the cut determines the value. For a diamond, it’s the facets and clarity that make it sparkle in the eye of the beholder. For a steak, it’s the prime, center cut that practically melts in your mouth as a culinary perfection. And when it comes to wide plank wood flooring, the heart at the center of select old-growth trees is the ultimate source of flooring perfection.

The key, of course, is that Carlisle does not use just any wood. Because of our exacting requirements, we cut a premium log four times to cut away what we won’t use in order to get to the prime wood. Here, this premium wood has the maximum vertical grain density for superior strength and long-term stability.

In addition to the strength, this premium wood also displays the rich color, distinctive character and exceptional stain absorption that artisan craftsman have prized for centuries. It is wood of a singular and rare beauty … the only wood you’ll ever see in a premium quality Carlisle wide plank floor.

Never waste a resource … respect for nature is engrained

While our floors do grow on trees, it’s a very select few trees.

At Carlisle, we believe the appreciation of fine wood starts with a respect for nature. It’s good business all the way around. We select only the best, most mature trees for our wide plank floors, which are in limited supply , so we need a continual resupply of maturing trees.

As a matter of principle and economics, we won’t deal with anyone who engages in clear-cutting – it produces inferior boards now, plus it eliminates opportunities for trees to mature and develop the high quality heartwood we demand for our floors. Instead, we deal with a select number of small sawmills who share our values … and yours.

This same philosophy is behind our work in reclaimed wood. Floors made from the heart of the tree last virtually forever, so we can recover wood flooring from old structures and use it to create new floors with a history and a rich, warm character unlike any other. It’s another way of using all of our resources to their fullest in order to preserve our forests.

We don’t do it for the accolades or because we’ve been forced to do it by environmental regulations. We do it because our future, and everyone else’s, depends on it. Anything less just goes against the grain.


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