Reclaimed Oak Wood Flooring in a New Hampshire Dining Room

Custom Floor | Project #713


Upcycling at its finest, Carlisle’s reclaimed wood floors, also knows as antique wood flooring, are salvaged from centuries-old buildings, farms, and factories slated for demolition. When you stand on top of a reclaimed wood floor, history resonates beneath your feet as you explore knots, holes, cracks, and checks, oxidation from nails and door hinges, bullet holes, wormholes, saw marks and other remnants of its past life — all meant to be there.

Flooring Specs
Reclaimed Oak; Reclaimed Wood
2' - 10' Random
Tongue & Groove
This floor is tagged as
Reclaimed Oak Reclaimed Wood Brown Traditional 2' - 10' Random Tongue & Groove Residential

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