20 Vintage Décor Ideas for Any Style Space

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Interior design trends come, go, merge and evolve. The final design really lies in the eye of the beholder. Nothing could more true than when it comes to vintage home décor. Someone’s “junk” could be another one’s treasure. This “junk” can transform your home décor and create a timeless architectural interior, with a history so rich it may never go out of style.

Vintage décor can take many forms, both in the materials it can be derived from and the design elements it can create. It is also extremely versatile, adapting itself to the setting in which it is installed. Add something as simple as a vintage chandelier, wallpaper or a refurbished piece of furniture to see what it can do to your room.

1. Apothecary/Glass Bottles Serve Many Purposes

Walk into any general store or antique shop (maybe even the barn you might have your property) and you are sure to find vintage glass and apothecary bottles that used to house herbs, medicine, milk, wine, or any variety of contents. Now you can use bottles to decorate an end table, store knickknacks, book ends, or to serve as a flower vase – just to give you some ideas in case they weren’t already flowing into your head.

Despite their vintage origins, glass bottles fit into a variety of decors, from eclectic living rooms to a modern entry.

2. Vintage Ladder Turns Towel Rack

Metal ladders have quickly replaced traditional wooden ladders, unless perhaps you need something small for an interior painting job. But there is no need to throw that old wooden ladder out. Turn it into a decorative storage device. Use it for blankets in the living room, hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom, or for scarves in your closet.

3. File Storage Stores Dinner Plates

The term file storage today less about storage compartments, and has now become synonymous with information technology and companies like Carbonite. Even though you may not have files to store, if you can find a vintage file sorter like this, use it to creatively organize things like dishes or linens.

4. Nesting Nooks Stores A Plethora of Goods

When was the last time you saw a nesting nook? If ever you come across one, it’s a great addition to a rustic, or industrial inspired kitchen. You can easily store hand towels, dishes, pots and pans. Or add it to a child’s room to store to store toys, books, and bedding.

5. Postcards Decorate Walls

Vintage postcards are certainly worth holding on to especially if they have sentimental value to you. Keep them on display in a picture frame or other display to add décor, and give your room a conversation piece.

6. Typewriters Create Conversation

Danielle Steel, George RR Martin, Quentin Tarrantino…these Are just a few writers who rely on traditional typewriters to create their epic stories http://mashable.com/2014/02/15/modern-writers-technology/ and while you may not be writing a novel, you may still want to pick up that vintage typewriter. Who knows you might revert back to “olden days” in a new study, or just add an interesting touch to the playroom.

Or use it as storage.

Either way it makes for good conversation.

7. Vintage Fan Adds More than Cool Air

Have a lakeside cottage or an urban industrial flat? You’d be surprised where a vintage fan can fit in with your décor. It’s practical on hot days, decorative when it is not needed, and easy enough to store if you tire of it.

8. Silver Candlesticks

Dress Up an Accent Table Vintage silver candlesticks harken you back to a time when homes were lit exclusively by candlelight. Although it was a bit inconvenient by today’s standards, there is a hint of romance in that kind of life, and many may wonder what it was like to live during a simpler time. While we haven’t yet perfected our time machine, you can add a touch of history to your home with some candlesticks of your own.

9. Phone a Friend

Like the fan, or vintage typewriter, who wouldn’t love an old vintage telephone. Your children may not know what to do with it, since they can’t put it in their pocket or use it to get on the internet, but it still would make a fun accent to your room.

10. Clocks Tell Time in More Ways Than One

You rely on the clocks in your home to tell the time today, but vintage clocks can also remind you of all the time that has passed. Why not track down a vintage candle clock from 10th century Japan to adorn a Feng Shui Décor, a highly prized banjo clock to hang in a ski lodge, or a simple vintage alarm clock. The craftsmanship and mechanics of your clock (whether it is working or not) are sure to add a nice touch to your room.

11. Photographs Tell a Story

Do you have old black and family photos? Take them out of the photo album and put them in some decorative frames to put them on display. Everyone, especially little ones, love to explore their family tree.

If you are looking for more vintage knickknacks check out this blog post from Houzz.com.

12. Maps Help you Explore Indoors

Is there a favorite place you have visited? Do you love to sail?

Find a vintage map of your favorite place to explore and decorate your walls with it, whether as wallpaper, or as a framed centerpiece of the room.

13. Vintage Cans & Equipment

Upcycle old vintage cans and industrial equipment into some new home décor.

Use them as coffee tables or end tables. Or clean them out and use them for storage in a pantry, playroom or mudroom.

Looking for more vintage furniture ideas, check out this link from Houzz.com 

14. Tables

Sure it is easy to find a table for your home today, but wouldn’t an old vintage table bring so much character to your kitchen or dining room. A Mexican grain sorting table tells a story about a different way of life.

This industrial table can serve as a kitchen island, countertop, prep station, or buffet, and you can imagine what purpose it used to serve, in its previous life.

Baled Hay from the Farmhouse Collection from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors featuring Prefinished Oak Flooring and Distressed Wood Flooring

15. Vintage Posters

Like your postcards, or maps, vintage posters are a great way to decorate a room, especially if you have a particular theme in mind. This kitchen has a modern farmhouse feel, note the rooster poster in the background.

Traditional Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Harrison Design featuring Carlisle Distressed Wood Flooring

Get some Vintage posters for the race car enthusiast in your family.

If you have a media room or home theatre add some vintage movie posters to the walls.

16. Reclaimed Wood Flooring Sets the Tone

As the iconic wood flooring company we would be remiss if we did point out some of the spectacular ways that wood floors can transform your space. While they do require a bit more of an investment than an antique bottle, they are well worth it. Although you can get distressed wood flooring to look old, you can also get the real thing – authentic antique flooring from buildings that are hundreds of years old. It doesn’t get any more vintage than that.

17. Old Books Tell Stories

Your old books and magazine can serve so many purposes if you want your room to have some vintage inspiration. Pile them up as a small end table

Or if you can bear the thought of taking them apart (or maybe you found them that way) why not decorate the walls of a favorite room.

Or you can use books for a more traditional purpose and fill your bookshelves. You can buy vintage books by color from cmopanies like Booth & Williams, as seen below.

18. Lighting

Vintage lighting can be procured from old homes, factories, industrial buildings, or salvaged from demolition sites.  Hang them as pendant lights for a creative touch above your island, vanity or dining room table.

19. Vintage Suitcases Settle Down

There is a certain nostalgia that comes with holding a vintage suitcase in your hands. Where has it been, who used it, what was stored inside?  While you may not know the answers to all these question, you can create a new history for these iconic travel companions and settle them down into your home decor.  Use them as end tables.

In the general home Décor of your home.

These vintage suitcases also maintain their original purpose – storage.  In this case, temporary storage for an event.

20. Upholstery & Fabric

Whether it is a vintage print, or a worn out burlap sack, you can use old fabric a variety of ways. Add personality to an old headboard with burlap fabric.

Add it to a frame and put it on display.

You can find some lovely vintage fabrics and make curtains or reupholster furniture piece, especially if they are in need of a makeover.

And we are probably cheating with this one, but this Anthropology sofa, while not vintage, does feature an appealing vintage print that would go well with your other vintage decor.

Next time you see a yard sale or an antique shop, you might want to pop in and see what you can discover.

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