3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light Inside

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3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light Inside

Summertime provides us with a great reminder of how refreshing the sun is in our lives.

You get your daily dose of Vitamin D and enjoy the beautiful, bright skies.  Not only is this healthy for us, but it helps brighten our mood.  But unless you live in a glass house, or a house with magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows, you probably don't get to enjoy this as much as you'd like to.

So today, we are going to explore some ways to brighten up your rooms all year round. Light colored paint on walls, adding solar tubes, adding clerestory or transom windows to dark areas, and trimming bushes and trees that are in front of windows will all add to the amount of natural light that enters your indoor living space.

Lighten up with Paint

Make the most of any natural light that does come in with the right colors on the walls. Design experts know that it’s challenging to pick good colors for rooms that get insufficient natural light. Dark, shadowy rooms, hallways, basements, rooms without windows, and rooms that face north all need not just light colors on the walls, they need the right colors that won’t be grayed out by shadowy light.


Ellen Divers of Divers Color says that it’s true that light colors reflect more light. However, in low-light cases light colors can appear dingy and often don’t work as well to light up the space, because there’s not enough light coming into it to reflect. Divers notes that saturated colors work best in dimly lit rooms.

In addition to modifying your paint colors on your walls, you can also transform your room with a lighter finish on your wood floor.  Even though dark wood floors are very popular, they can make small rooms, or those without a lot of natural light, feel smaller.  Consider a natural finish on your flooring, or use a Whitewash style stain, such as you see here.

Hardwood Floors and Whitewash Stain from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Add Solar

Add solar lighting by putting in tubular skylights, or solar tubes. They bring light from the top of the roof into the house for a dramatic difference in the amount and quality of natural light. Solar options don’t require extensive installation as regular skylights do, they don’t leak, and you can save money on electricity by reducing the need for interior lights.


Use tubular skylights to bring light into the dark corners of your home, such as back hallways and internal rooms without windows. Coupled with a mirror to reflect the new natural light, tubular skylights can ensure a more steady flow of light to formerly shadowy areas.

Replace Existing or Add New Windows

If your budget allows and your windows are in poor enough condition to warrant a restoration, replacing windows is an effective way to add more natural light to your interior. Bring more natural light inside with windows by adding shaped or transom windows. Shaped windows are any high windows placed above eye level, used to bring in more light and add a design element to your space. They come in different shapes and sizes. Transoms are windows installed above doors. Both are used to bring in additional natural light.


Incorporating more natural light into your home saves money on electricity, changes the energy in the space, and allows for a larger variety of design factors. Simple methods to bring more light into your home include trimming trees and bushes blocking windows, thoroughly cleaning windows so they aren’t reducing visibility, and keeping drapes and blinds open.

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