3 Ways to Create a Space for Fitness in Your Home

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3 Ways to Create a Space for Fitness in Your Home

Want to get fit? Forget the gym — you can do all of your favorite workouts in the comfort of your home. Here are three ideas to help you get started creating a space for fitness under your own roof.

A Space-Efficient Pilates Room

What was once reserved for high-end health clubs and boutique studios can now be done right at home. Why? You don’t need a lot of space to do Pilates in your own home and for many, it’s a way to cut down on expensive gym memberships and fitness studio fees.

Take your Pilates to the guest room, but you don’t need to do an entire room overhaul. Instead of having a space consuming queen-sized bed, opt for a futon to save space. Many people follow Pilates DVDs for guidance, so having a TV and other tech accessories in your Pilates space is a must. Plus, new apps like the Remote app make controlling your TV from your smartwatch and other devices simple, so you can concentrate on your workout. Hang a flatscreen on the wall so you don’t have to purchase a TV stand and so you can save space. Pilates accessories like the IQ Reformer can be folded and slid underneath the futon when it’s not in use. Your mats, foam rollers and exercise balls can be stored in a medium-sized basket that can be tucked into a hall closet when your guests arrive.

Create a Yoga Space – Without the Remodel

For some yogis, the gym isn’t the best option for meditation and yoga practice. That’s why yoga devotees are creating their own studios at home in spare bedrooms or even just a quiet nook. You get 24/7 access to a yoga space and don't have to worry about any schedule except your own, so you can practice yoga whenever you like.

While not everyone has an entire extra room to work with, any space will do, such as a corner or an area of another room. Be energy-efficient and make use of the natural light and set up near a window. Go chemical-free by using bamboo, organic cotton and natural rubber props. Consider designating your space where you have a beautiful view, no matter if it’s overlooking your garden or simply facing a special and treasured piece of framed artwork.

Barre – From Floor to Ceiling

The popular barre technique is taking the fitness culture by storm. More and more barre studios are popping up everywhere. And it’s easy to see why. The ballet-inspired method firms and tones troublesome areas like the arms, seat, thighs and legs by using a series of small body weight movements and barre-assisted moves that build long, lean muscle without the bulk.

Given that you have an unused room in your home, you can transform the empty space into a professional-looking studio. First, if there is carpet, have it removed and paint your studio with a fresh coat of color or a neutral shade. Install a contemporary wood floor made from modern white oak in a light or dark finish, whichever style fits your design scheme best. Once the floor is complete have floor to ceiling mirrors installed on the longest wall to recreate the look of a barre studio. The final touch comes when you add your ballet barre to the wall. The barre can be purchased from a home improvement store, along with brackets, and only takes about 30 minutes to install. Install the barre 36 inches from the floor on the wall that's opposite of your mirrored wall.

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