4 Tips to Nailing Fall Organization and Renovations

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4 Tips to Nailing Fall Organization and Renovations
With boxes packed to the top with holiday decorations, toys, books, clothing, and sporting equipment, most people pine for extra closets, cabinets, and space, anywhere they can find it. Fortunately, there are some often overlooked storage opportunities and ideas in the garage, and throughout the home—you just need to know where and how to look for them.

1.  Utilize Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is often overlooked because the preference is to keep everything at eye level or just within reach, for convenience. But, there are many items that only need to be accessed a few times a year.  Think seasonal sports equipment, decorations, party favors or extra linens for occasional visitors.  So why do you want them taking up valuable space the rest of the time?

To store these items, look to your basement or garage, where you can add overhead storage.  Many garages already feature storage options like built-in shelving and cabinets around the perimeter, few take advantage of the empty space above the vehicles.  Many home improvement stores carry ceiling-mounted storage units that come ready for installation.

2. Go Minimal

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Are there places in your home that just aren’t working for you? Take a step back and look at the big picture. Is there something small (or big) that you could change to make things function better for you? Maybe that means minimalizing. As the busy days of fall roll in, make the most of every space you have to work with!

3. Tidy Up for Renovations

When temperatures drop and projects move indoors, fall renovation projects take center stage. Tidying your home, clearing clutter, and planning which projects you’re able to conquer is key to the success of any fall renovations.

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4. Capitalize on Convertible Furniture

Multi-use, convertible and mobile furniture units are a great way to add more storage space to your home. Just imagine a mobile furniture cart that stores all the extra appliances you don’t use on a regular basis, but that you can easily roll out of a closet or pantry when you need it.

Once you implement some of these simple storage solutions in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the extra space and organizational freedom all year long!

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