4 Must Have Investment Pieces Told By Top Designers

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Over the last year, we’ve been interviewing designers from coast-to-coast who love our wide plank floors. We’ve been singing their praises over their widely acclaimed work, learning about their businesses and asking them to share stories about their upbringing and what inspired their journeys into the industry.

We’ve talked about everything from a childhood fascination with antiques to a current obsession with local rotisserie chicken. And we’ve become completely smitten with who they are and how they use our floors to create the most noteworthy and admired homes in the country. So, while we had their attention, we couldn’t help but ask them…

“What is the one must-have piece of furniture worth investing in for every home?”

Modern, open concept living and dining room

Of course, they all pushed back at first, because we all know that there is no one part of a home not worth investing in. We are all about the details in the design industry. But with a little persuasion and the established agreement that we all appreciate quality craftsmanship, they each stepped up with their must-have favs…

1. The Timeless Sofa

A neutral sofa in a sunny living roomKnown for her approachable and timeless design, Paula Daher of Boston is a big advocate for investing in a high-quality sofa that will last for many years.

“In every home, we work on, from a sprawling suburban estate to a compact city abode, there is always a sofa involved. And the sofa that is used most often is usually found closest to the kitchen with a TV close by.”

We couldn’t agree more. But how do you know you’re making the right choice on such an important piece? Paula was a dear and gave us some tips for finding one that will work for you:

  • The fills should have some down for softness and a spring core for longevity.
  • Fabric should be a neutral color, durable, and forgiving.
  • The style and scale should fit the design direction of the home with perfect proportions.

Her personal favorites of the moment are the Holly Hunt Caspian and the Kravet Jazz with a single bench cushion, just in case you need a visual to get started.

2. Long Live the Bench

In Boulder, award-winning designer Donna Pocci believes that everybody needs a bench.

A simle, classic bench in a hallway

“There is something really welcoming about placing a bench at the front door or entry of a home. It brings a sense of invitation to the space while serving a purpose.”

She reminds us how nice it is for guests to have a place to sit while taking off or putting on shoes, and how it offers a place for them to set their personal items.

“In essence, the role of the bench is to allow your guests to connect with you and your home. It’s like saying, ‘Come, hang and be part of our family.’”

We couldn’t agree more. Benches also offer versatility that can be worked into almost any room. Because they come in all shapes and sizes — with a back, with arms or without — designers are pros at using these little additions to complete a furniture grouping, as a stand-alone in a hall or to lend a seat anywhere from the top of the stairs to the master bath.

3. The Quintessential Arm Chair

White armchair in front of green wall white lamp and sideboardLeave it to the wood guy to remind us that the armchair is a must-have for everyone. Todd McCrea, partner/principal designer of FineRoot in San Francisco, has zero hesitation in his recommendation.

“There’s no piece of furniture that’s more sculptural, more personal and more relaxing than a good chair. I personally love leather cushions with wood armrests.”

Todd makes some great points: If you think about it, some armchairs are so iconic they stand alone as exhibits in art museums and are in demand by top designers today. Think of the Eames Lounge Chair, Grand Confort by LeCorbusier or Marcel Breuer’s B32/Cesca… Armchairs can find a thoughtful spot in any room, are great alone or as a pair, and are oftentimes the best friend of that sofa you are living on.

4. An Accent Table

After chatting with Denver fine art connoisseur and furniture expert Jeffrey Elliott, we were not surprised to learn that he is a big fan of small accent tables to add big style to any room.

Jeffrey has a way of fine-tuning his rooms with such an artful eye, and we noticed that these sleek and modern pieces play a big role in his look. He nestles these little gems, metal or wood, round or square, next to just about any place you may find a seat in his rooms.

“I love a floor lamp with a small table”, he added. “It’s a great way to put a cool little find to use.”

 – – – – – –

Thank you, Designers. These are all great tips to keep in mind for every project, big or small — an expert collection of ideas from East to West that will surely leave us inspired and wanting more.
And while you continue creating beautiful spaces, we’ll continue supporting you, plank-by-plank, in curating a home that is beyond priceless and uniquely yours.
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