4 Popular Wood Flooring Styles that Might Surprise You

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Here at Carlisle, we are constantly exploring flooring styles from the classic hues that have carried us for nearly 50 years, to the new colors and styles that clients demand today. Trends for 2016 are already populating around the market from Home & Design’s 2016 Sourcebook to Azure Magazine and Pantone’s color predictions.

Today, let’s look at five floors that have been popular over the last few weeks, maybe it’s a sign of styles that endure and styles that are sure to trend in the new year.

Baled Hay

Farmhouse Collection

The Farmhouse collection is carefully crafted distressed wood flooring collection that encompasses all the hand crafted details that clients come to expect in a custom wood floor.

Distressed Wood Flooring and White Oak Flooring from Carlisle WIde Plank Floors

The floor starts with high quality Northern grown White Oak, which is known for its durability, and stability, and the floor is graded to have just the right amount of character. The random widths are unique as well. You may not notice it, but every square inch of this floor is lovingly hand distressed using three different techniques — a brushed surface, hand-scraped surface, then a light sanding to give it the most authentic appearance. The color is probably what people are drawn to the most, its neither too dark, or too light so it goes with a variety of interior color schemes, whether its modern and neutral white, stainless steel urban, or traditional arts & crafts.

When you see this floor you, it might not surprise you that it was an Editors Pick for the Home & Design Magazine 2016 Sourcebook.

Explore the Farmhouse Collection

Alpine Trail

Chalet Collection

Hickory is a versatile wood, but it is also very misunderstood. There is a large percentage of hickory flooring on the market today that is very low quality, this results in a floor board with a significant amount of color variation. When you combine this with the short lengths and narrow widths of the industry you get a very busy floor — most people don’t want this for the interior of their home.

Hickory wood flooring and Prefinished Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

The alternative is to use northern grown Hickory, which is cut from more mature timbers. These boards still reveal the color variation that Hickory is so famous for, but is much more aesthetically pleasing. You can also transform Hickory by using a stain, like you see on the Alpine Trail floor. This prefinished wood floor is rich in color, and masks the natural variation, if this is something you want to minimize. It’s a great alternative for Walnut flooring, or Pine flooring if you want something a little harder.

Explore the Chalet Collection

Leather Chair

Essential Collection

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a smooth leather chair? Whether you place it in a rustic hunting lodge, a Texas farmhouse or a modern penthouse, it just works. You will get a very similar reaction with this prefinished oak flooring.

Dark Wood Flooring and Prefinished Oak Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

When you look upon Leather Chair, you will notice right away that our stains don’t mask the beautiful swirling grain patterns that White Oak is so famous for. This is especially true when you consider that Carlisle boards are 8” wide and average 7’ long — this is 2-3 times the industry average, so it shows off the grain so much better, without making the floor look too busy.

Explore the Traditional Collection

Cloud 9

Casual Collection

It seems like most of the flooring we see today is either very dark or grey. We may be seeing a trend back to light wood floors like Cloud 9, which provides a light, white-wash style color.

Oak flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

White finishes like this are intriguing because they aren’t meant to hide the wood, so the natural variation and grain is still going to come through. If you wanted a completely white floor you probably want to paint it — which could turn into a finishing and maintenance nightmare, and no one wants that.

Explore the Casual Collection

Trends come and go, but one thing is for sure, wide plank floors have been in homes for over 300 years, its a timeless investment, no matter what styles you choose.

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If you like what you see order samples of your favorite floor, or explore all of the Carlisle Collections to find the right one, for you. Keep in mind Carlisle offers solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring so you can get the look, and structure, that is right for your project.
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