4 Tips to Decorate a Teen-Approved Bedroom

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4 Tips to Decorate a Teen-Approved Bedroom

Decorating your teenager’s bedroom is no easy feat. When doing so, you have to walk a fine line between childhood and adolescence, creating a “cool” room your teen will love. However, you don’t have to leave behind the happy and bright colors of their childhood to give your teen’s room an age-appropriate makeover. And you also don’t have to use mature-looking furniture to create a more grown-up look.

Try these four tips to get started:

1. Emphasize Storage

Teenagers are notorious for having messy bedrooms. Optimize storage solutions to minimize the times you'll have to remind them to clean their rooms. Practical furniture items like bedframes with built-in storage are great for teens and can help reduce clutter. Home organization expert, Kristin Long, suggests installing adjustable shelving, labeling all storage containers and hanging memo boards so your teen can remember important events or schedules without searching through a pile of papers. Long also suggests getting a desk with lots of storage.

2. Make It Personal

The redecorating phase can be a bonding opportunity, so take some time to get to know your teen.  Decorate the room together with a color scheme that your teen will enjoy, and one that reflect their own style and personality. 

Let your teen choose colors and certain pieces of furniture. HGTV notes that it’s not uncommon for teenagers to pick bright paint colors like greens, oranges and purples. Embrace the bold colors and find a way to incorporate his or her color selections into your home.  They may even want to select some unique wood floors for their room, especially if their color scheme may be differnet from the rest of the home.  Remember, it is easy to refinish wood floors down the road if you ever want it to match the rest of the hardwood flooring in your home.

If your teen prefers neutral colored walls, you can still have color in the room by adding rugs and other accessories. If your teen wants to paint the room black, HGTV suggests painting one wall — like the wall behind the headboard — to create an accent wall.

3. Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment

Teens need nine or more hours of sleep each night. However, National Children’s Hospital reports that most teens only get seven hours of sleep. Sleep deprived teens may suffer from mood swings and drowsy driving, and inadequate sleep can also affect your teen’s performance at school.

Make sure that your teen gets the sleep he or she needs by creating a sleep-friendly environment at home. First, eliminate all technology from your teen’s bedroom. Televisions, computers and video game consoles can keep your teen up at night. Additionally, add design elements like blackout window treatments to help your teen achieve a more restful night's sleep.

4. Add Art

Your teen will want to show off his or her unique style. Consider decorating your teenager’s bedroom with art pieces he or she picks out. Keep in mind that it’s much cheaper to pick up pieces at thrift stores or vintage shops than buying mass-produced posters or paintings from big-box stores. Frame the artwork that you find in vintage frames and create a gallery wall that displays all different shapes, sizes and styles of art on a large bedroom wall. If your teen has a creative side, encourage him or her to create a piece to hang up on the wall.

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