4 Ways to Incorporate Natural Wood in your Interior Decor

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4 Ways to Incorporate Natural Wood in your Interior Decor

The simplest way to give the home a stylish makeover, and to bring warmth into a room, and give it a touch of natural beauty, is by incorporating architectural details crafted from natural wood products.

This includes wood furniture, cabinets, fittings and accessories. Wood is well known for providing a feeling of warmth, and there is now such a wide range of options in wooden home décor that every room in the house can include with beautiful wood detail that friends will covet.

Today we'll go over four of the best ways to incorporate natural wood architectural details in your home!

1. Floors

Hardwood floors just scream elegance and class; and they are available in a wide variety of styles and prices ranges.  Wood floors should be considered an investment in your home, not just a floor covering, because good quality hardwood floors will last a lifetime!

You can work with a wood flooring manufacturer who can provide you with design options to suit a variety of budget needs and customize a floor to give you the look you want, at an overall budget that works for your home.  If you have existing floors, you may also be able to sand them down and then refinish them. This will only work successfully if the existing floorboards are in tip-top condition.

When considering color, choose dark wood floors to help to keep a room feeling cozy, while lighter stains can make a small room feel larger and brighter.

2. Furniture

Many homes already incorporate wooden furniture in with their décor and dining rooms are usually the first place to get the natural wood treatment.

Adding a pine or an oak dining table has been a popular choice in the past, and the great thing is they come in all shapes and sizes to suit even the largest family. The use of natural wood furniture need not stop at the dining room; Welsh dressers and sideboards for the living room, solid wood beds and wardrobes in the bedrooms, and even wooden bath panels and accessories in the bathroom, all combine to help make a home feel cozy.

Cottage style suites that have a solid wood frame and thick padded cushions look great in any home, and are really comfortable too.

3. Kitchen

Adding wooden accents in the kitchen can be as easy as changing all the cupboard doors and drawer fronts to wood, or replacing old countertops for a solid wood version.

Add in a large butcher’s block if the space is big enough or a solid wood chopping board if not. Having wooden accessories also helps to add warmth to the room.

Wooden utensils, salad servers and bowls and wooden canisters will not look out of place in any kitchen.

4. Windows

It is more eco-friendly to have doors and window frames made of wood from a sustainable forest than installing the usual PVC type.  Wooden windows also look more traditional and welcoming.

If replacing the doors and windows it is worth considering wooden double-glazed frames, as the prices are also very competitive. This also means that they can be painted any color, so instead of having to opt for plain white, as many people do with PVC, the wooden windows can be painted to a new color whenever the mood strikes. Window dressings also look better on wooden frames. Outside it is possible to add shutters, and inside venetian blinds.

 Plantation shutters are also one of this year’s biggest trends.




Do you like the look of natural wood details like this?  What did you include in your home?


This article was contributed to by Aimee Claire, an enthusiastic, well-educated freelance writer with big ideas for the future. She is fascinated by interior design and hopes to design and build her own house one day.

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