4 Ways You Can Use Your Tablet to Design and Decorate Your Home

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In this age of mobile technology, almost any task can be accomplished or at least be made easier through a handheld device. Although smartphones can do a lot, tablet technology is sophisticated and versatile enough to where it can almost replace a laptop or desktop computer. When it comes to a home upgrade, whether it be major renovations or a simple decor change, you can use your tablet to get the job done. Check out these useful tools next time you have a home project.

For Interior Design: Houzz

Houzz is a well-known design site that many professional interior designers use. It combines design ideas and inspiration with shopping guides, and it offers an app that is easy to use and free. Unlike some design inspiration apps that are hard to navigate, Houzz organizes its images in an accessible way to give you ideas and let you save images you want to refer to later. According to Intel, Houzz has the largest collection of interior design ideas with more than 300 million searchable images. If you want it for your home, chances are you’ll find it on this app.

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For Paint Selection: Colorsmart by BEHR

Choosing the right color for your interior or exterior paint jobs can be daunting. A tiny swatch from the home improvement store doesn’t truly show you how the color will look when it is finally applied and dried. Even if you know the color you want, it can be frustrating to try to find the right paint match. Thankfully, several paint brands offer apps to help you decide which color is best for you before purchasing it. The BEHR Colorsmart app is especially helpful because it allows you to upload photos of your existing rooms and match paint colors with the items in that room. You can preview the color in photos of your rooms, and it makes suggestions for paint combinations and styles.

For Home Renovations: Home Design 3D

Major renovations are hard to imagine before you see the finished product. Even if you are looking at photos of other homes for inspiration, it will look at least slightly different in your own home. The Home Design 3D app lets you create a 3-D model of your home and then use the different features to rearrange furniture, try out different design elements like flooring and change rooms to see what renovations would look like. For an in-depth application like this, you may do better with a high-powered tablet, such as the iPad Pro, which has an impressive high-resolution retina display and is made for design and other creative projects. The Home Design 3D app is available on iTunes.

For Landscape: iScape

The way your front and backyard looks is just as important as the inside of your home, and there is no shortage of apps to help you plan your perfect landscape design. The iScape app is a user-friendly tool that enables you to take a picture of your yard and then use various textures, plants and other outdoor elements to see what it would look like with a certain landscape design. You can even tap on plants and trees to see cultivation information, making it easier to know if it is right for your region and needs.

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