4 Reasons Floors Inspire Interior Design

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4 Reasons Floors Inspire Interior Design

I work with clients everyday who are looking to design a wide plank floor that completes their design and creates a timeless architectural element that families will enjoy for many years.  The best way to do this is through careful planning of your interior design – starting with the wood floors.  

As a Wide Plank Specialist I know that many clients make the mistake of choosing their wood floors at the very end of the project.  Although floors are one of the very last items to be installed they should be one of the first selections during any remodeling or new construction planning. 

Selecting your wood flooring too late in the process can have a detrimental effect on the overall look of the project.  Lack of planning for the type of flooring you really want can also restrict your budget so when it comes time to actually order floors you are forced to settle for something you won’t enjoy for very long. 



Here's 4 reasons why wood floors are so important to your interior design:

1. Wood floors are the largest design surface of your room

2. They are the first thing people see when they walk in

3. They are the foundation for your entire design

4. Floors are the most costly to replace down the road

Thinking about the style and color of your floors will also make selecting other important interior design elements so much easierFor example:

1. What type of cabinets will I use?
2. What kind of kitchen appliances will I use?
3. What is the color scheme?
4. What kind of wood trim will I have? 
5. What is the lighting going to be like in my home?

So save the money, avoid the hassle, and get something you will love forever!   Start working with a Wide Plank Specialist today and we can help you find the right floor for your project! 

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Thanks to the Longo's from Southampton, NY for sharing these photos of their beautiful home and their new White Oak hardwood flooring!

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