5 Eclectic Home Decor Trends for Your Space

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5 Eclectic Home Decor Trends for Your Space

Your home decor should be a direct reflection of you. Whether you are bold or reserved, a minimalist or a collector—your personality and preferences should pepper your home from the floor to the ceiling. The key to unlock a stylish and inviting space while maintaining your individuality is to create a balance. You're in luck—the top design trends for 2014 embrace a balanced mix of traditionally simple and modern, eclectic elements.

Metal Mania

We’ve seen warm metal accents creeping into design trends through the years—this year metal elements are all the rage, especially brass. Bold brass bed frames, dressers and tables can be used as striking focal pieces. In an article from the Houston Chronicle, Cathy Lam, owner of custom design store Lam Bespoke, said brass is an easy metal to incorporate with any high-glam style.

“Some people are standoffish to gold, but brass is warmer,” Lam notes. “Aged brass has a patina that's more inviting and less gaudy and it plays well with other metals.”

Freshome recommends using brass in bathrooms with a bold tub or sink, or in the kitchen for an industrial yet elegant look.


Reclaimed Wood

Distressed styles for furniture have been popular for a while, but using real, reclaimed wood in your decor is not only a stylish option, but a sustainable one. Reclaimed wood. also known as antique flooring, adds character and warmth to your home as well as a sense of vintage style. If you long for real wood floors want to lessen your environmental impact, reclaimed wood is a smart alternative.

Incorporating wood in the home is a popular way to give a natural feel to your design, from butcher blocks to upcycled furniture to unique lamps and decorative accents, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Reclaimed wood flooring and antique flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.


Mixing Textiles

If you have a distinct monochromatic theme in your home, different materials and textures around the house act as subtle breaks in the fluidity. A colorful throw or exotic patterned rug can be the perfect accent to solid, simple furniture. For neutral rooms, add long, luxurious window dressings in a deep purple or navy for an elegant, rich touch. The best part about incorporating different textile elements in your home is that they can easily be switched out to reflect seasons or color preferences.


Color Trends

This year’s color trends are all about the balance of subtle and flashy. Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid and is accompanied by other bright jewel tones like Cayenne and Dazzling Blue as some of the most popular decorating colors. But other trendy colors include soothing neutral colors like Sand, Hemlock, Paloma Grey and Placid Blue. These muted tones mixed with the glamorous brighter hues create a garden of color that looks natural and unique—like a blend of tropical jungle and desert terrain.

Pantone Color Trends 2014 on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


Mixing Outdoor With Indoor

Outdoor furniture and fabrics are being integrated in indoor decor to include the best parts of being outside. Natural fibers, materials and plants can make your indoor space look like an outdoor oasis. Freshome features real outdoor-indoor home design trends, such as awe-inspiring outdoor elements that bring the tranquil outdoors inside. Many designers are opening up spaces with large windows and doors—great for natural light and a peaceful garden view.

Antique Flooring and Dark Wood Floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

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