5 Fall Home Decorating Ideas

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5 Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Fall is the perfect time of year – and the perfect reason – to transition to a new interior decor for your home!

Whether you enjoy warm weather all year long, and just want to mix up the decor, or the view out your kitchen windows are bursting with color, and you want to bring a little bit of that indoors, we have some ideas to help you create the perfect fall decor for your home.


When it comes to fall, plaid is a natural fit, thanks to the rich patterns of color you can create.

If you see plaid as a long term decorative element in your home, why not reupolster your dining room chairs in your favorite designs.

If this is a little too much commitment for just one season, then you can add some decorative plaid plaques to your walls.












Or add some simple throw pillows and afgans to the couch – like these from Pottery Barn.  And one of the the great things about plaid is no matter what your colors you already decorate with you can probably find a plaid pattern that will work!

Natural Decor

This is probably one of the most obvious and msot common decorating trends for Fall.  There is an abundance of natural products you can use for your interior decor.

Why not find some small birch logs and turn them into a decorative accent for the mantle, like in this one from the Turqouise Home.

You can fill some vintage glassware nuts, pine cones,  leaf ssortments, or just some tree branches like this crabapple branch idea from Country Living.

Another popular natural product for fall decorating – burlap.  With its natural color, and rustic texture it can be used for a variety of things in the home.  From a decorative curtain, creating a new fall pegboard, or a simple wreath for the front door, like this one from A Cultivated Nest.











Looking for more decorating ideas get it right from HGTV Interior Designer – Taniya.



If you are like many fall enthusiasts you might be traveling the highways and backroads of your favorite places looking for the perfect fall photo.

Depending on where your travels take you, you might run into some exciting antique shops along the way.  Why not pick up something vintage that you can enjoy long after the fall season is over.

It can be something as simple as an antique framed mirror, like this one from BD Antiques, for the hallway..












Or some decorative antique wood floor wall paneling like our Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood paneling.










Or if you are really in the mood to redecorate, why not get ready for the holidays and install that new reclaimed wood flooring you have been dreaming of. Just like in this kitchen designed by Crown Point Cabinety and featuring reclaimed Oak hardwood flooring.

Antique Wood Floor in kitchen


Curb Appeal

Unlike winter and Spring, which, depending on where you live, brings snow and rain, fall is a great time of year to decorate the outside of the home.  And it doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and halloween decorations.

Start with some rustic seating, a fall wreath, or a wicker basket filled with firewood – like you see here in this Country Living home















Line your walkway with pumpkins or set a series of colorful mums along the outer edges of your front steps.














From pumpkins and gourds, to pine cones and hay bales, you are sure to find a collection of natural – and colorful products to adorn your front steps – and give your home curb appeal just like Jeanne Oliver Designs.


Fall Formal

Even though plaid patterns, antiques and natural decor might seem a little rustic, decorating for fall doesn’t have to be all rustic and primitive.   Here’s a few things you can do to maintain a more modern look but still get into the fall spirit:

Not your Average Pumpkin

Instead of opting for the traditional orange pumpkins, why not paint them in colors that match your decor.  Settle on black, or white or another single tone to keep things clean and crisp.   Why not create botanical paintings or other artwork on the outside like patterns and stripes.

Display Techniques

Look for decorative glass canisters or display jars for your pine cones, gourds and pumpkins.  .

Set your fall decor on ceramic pedestals or pottery


Step up the Shine

If you want to create a more modern decor, but still infuse your space with fall trends like Plaid, Elle Decor recommends mixing patterns with leather, metallics or steel.












Why not decorate with decorative brass pumpkin sculptures, like in this setting from MadiganMade.


What are your favorite things to decorate with in the fall? 

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