5 Style Trends from High Point Market 2015

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High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world.  This week over 75,000 people will descend on High Point, NC for the Spring Show and to check out the latest, and greatest, for Spring and Summer décor, furniture trends, and overall home décor ideas from over 2000 exhibitors. 

We perused through the High Point Market Product First Looks to uncover some style trends that continue to appear, evolve and grace interiors around the world.

Can’t Get Enough Gold & Brass

We’ve been following this trend for quite some time now, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be exiting stage left anytime soon.

Gold and Brass continues to show up on home décor items, from a simple piece of hardware on a piece of furniture, to mirror frames, and lighting fixtures.

Gold and Brass from High Point Market 2015 on Carlisle Blog

We even saw this look pop up in a recent photo shoot for Cup of Joe, White Oak flooring from our Essential Collection.

Dynamic Design

Most home décor items are static, in that they look the same in color and shape unless you reupholster them.  But more and more designers are creating furniture pieces that are more dynamic.  Just like the iconic “Murphy Bed” these dynamic furniture pieces can meet a variety of consumer needs.

  • Adjustable designs for urban living
  • Multifunctional
  • Modern
  • Space savers for compact, micro loft living

Dynamic Home Furniture from High Point Market 2015 on Carlisle Blog

Patterns and Prints

There are dozens of patterns and prints to choose from when selecting new furniture, tapestries, wallpaper, fabric, accent pillows, even your wood floors. 

When you add patterns and prints to your home décor you infuse the room with eye catching designs, and a more dynamic color palette.   

Patterns and Prints from High Point Market 2015 on Carlisle Blog

If you really love patterns,  you can even get patterns in your wood floors, like this Chevron Oak made from Antique flooring. It is classic, shows off a unique sense of style and craftsmanship, and creates a timeless look like the original European parquet floors, which have endured for hundreds of years.

It is All About the Accessories

If you are decorating your room for the first time and want to complete the look; or perhaps looking to freshen up your home decor, the accessories are the first thing you can turn to to make this happen.  You don't need to change out your larger furniture pieces.  With a new accent table, throw pillow, lamp or the like, you can create a completely different look in your room.  Accessories can also help you have fun with color or find accents that reflect you best like driftwood lamp, or Oriental inspired sculpture.

Accessories from High Point Market 2015 on Carlisle Blog

If you are looking for tips to find the right accessories Lisa Mende of Lisa Menda Design is your resident expert.

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

There are certain furniture pieces one can acquire that you know will be an immediate classic. Their style is unchanging, but the look of your room can evolve and develop around them.  Those iconic pieces have staying power no matter what changes you make in the room.  These tend to be larger pieces like an armchair, dresser or dining room table.  Their colors are often neutral, so they complement a variety of color schemes, and you can dress them up, or dress them down if you style changes from modern or rustic, or something in between.

Classic Home Decor from High Point Market 2015 on Carlisle Blog

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