5 Tips to Keep Your Floors Looking Like New

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Most of us know that furniture pads are a wood floor’s best friend, but what other steps should you be taking to keep your floors looking brand new?

Although a Carlisle floor is substantial and should provide enough wood for three or four refinish sandings over its lifetime, today we are sharing our top maintenance secrets so you can take precautionary steps. These time-tested tips and tricks can have a dramatic effect on the appearance and longevity of your floors’ finish and may make it possible to avoid refinishing altogether!

1. Get a Welcome Mat

You wouldn’t rub sandpaper all over your brand new vehicle, so why would you consider grinding dirt and pebbles into your new wood floors? Make sure you have a heavy duty door mat to welcome guests, and kindly ask them to remove their shoes near the entry of your home.
a modern bathroom with light hardwood flooring

2. Protect Against Spills

Did you know wood is “hygroscopic?” This means a wood floor tends to absorb water. Although a finish is somewhat protective (and Carlisle’s hardwood floors are some of the best available for protecting against moisture and humidity), the more water your wood floor absorbs, the more it swells.

Protect your planks and remember that a bath mat, a rug at the kitchen sink, or a throw rug by the poolside door can go a long way in serving as a moisture barrier for your floors.

3. Purchase a Humidity Reader

You can purchase a humidity reader, like this one from Amazon, for under $10. Your ideal humidity range will vary with your geographic location, but should be kept constant within the twenty degree range to prevent excessive movement in your planks.

Make sure you trim your dog's toenails to keep your wood floors looking beautiful4. Get Your Puppy His Pedicures

Going back to the car analogy, you wouldn’t want your four-legged friend standing on his hind legs scratching at your car door, right? Make sure you trim your pet’s nails or put the proper runner rugs in place to protect your floors.

5. Touch It Up

After any mopping or a thorough cleaning of your floors you should have a touch-up pen handy. Life happens. In time, it will show on your floors if you don’t stay ahead of it. If you are an existing client, you can request a complimentary touch-up kit to keep your floors looking their best.

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